Got a bit stoned, couldn’t be bothered to finish

This debate  around Caster Semenya has done my nut in, I try to be objective but I can’t it’s upsetting at how people that have no idea if they chromosomally pure talking like they are.

Twitter it seems is split into certain categories, the knowledgeable, this doesn’t include me, whatever I say has no science behind, is emotionally driven and all anecdotal, lived experience counts for nowt in hard science; it does however mean @fondofbeatles, she’s a doctor of developmental biology and honestly I have to google some of her words, then there’s @scienceofsport Prof Ross, some of the things he say’s I have an emotional reaction to but being objective that’s because the foundation to my existence is hermaphrodite.

Then there’s the rights activists, these people are going to shout things like racism, terf, transphobe, bigotry. They’re all talking shite, mostly contrarian hair splitters with nothing better to than navel gaze and cry off about how things aren’t fair without ever understand that life is never fair.

Then there are the feminists who rightly want to protect female sport and the erasure of female space in society, I get that, I agree with that, but in this conversation that surround Caster there’s a vicious minority of ankle biters who even refuse acknowledge that Caster was observed female at birth, raised as girl, socialised as one and everything else, they see this 46 XY and brand her male.

I believe that we are our history, it’s why I don’t hide my past, I’m shameless and while I’m still a bit fucked up about a few things, therapy has been a very freeing process, ‘they’ bang on about how a man can’t, be a woman because a man has never experienced the world as a woman but when they find a woman who’s had all that, as soon as this comes up Caster’s a geezer.

There isn’t really any deep consideration of or for the intersex person in all this, it’s unbelievable that people would actually say caster is male in a conversation with me because they’re basically saying I’m male and that’s always going to piss me off, fuckers don’t even have the respect to even say intersex woman.

I’m stoned and I’m kinder wondering if this is what black people feel like when someone is racist in front them, I’m 46 years old and never experienced this feeling. I even explained it was offensive and asked her stop, their response was she doesn’t care if it’s insulting. I’m still processing how someone can be that much of an unmitigated cunt.

@fondofbeetles could science me into the ground, that’s her job. Whatever I read on the screen from her I take on the chin and frankly I bet she would know more about my anomaly than I do and to quote Ben Shapiro “ facts don’t mind feelings”. I don’t mind being called Sir in shop and whatever but I’m not a man, having someone not even try to understand why someone might be offended by that has knocked me off balance, so Peace out on twitter, no more .

I’ve never been chromo tested and I don’t want to because although I have had the treatment pathway explained to me a few times I still haven’t got my head round it, part of me resents the choices made on my behalf, but the other side of me knows I made up for lost ground from 1994 onward, if I could cut the shitty beginning off, life would have been sweet, I’d be married with kids, nice house in the country.

There are those that call for chromo testing and I agree but I also think it would be a wonderful idea if the powers that be with all those stored samples chromo tested them all to see the rate of anomalies amongst the athlete samples they have, the test’s could be blind, no dope testing allowed, no athlete names.

Have every athlete in the field tested and then have someone on standby to comfort the women who’s lives and career could be destroyed when they find out that the world and some feminists think she’s a man.

I don’t agree with the ruling, but I understand it. In a world where in some races the clock runs to .000 seconds .1% can make all the difference, make someone a fortune. The ruling covers two events, I would change events outside those, retrain for the new distance and see if the IAAF comes after me, because then that would sort of look like deliberate discrimination instead of what I am trying to accept as “ reasonable discrimination”.

This finding of “reasonable discrimination” could also be applied to the trans debate, the IAAF could now rule that it’s reasonable discrimination to terminate all trans competitors that haven’t undergone SRS, this will be a tiny amount, and then apply the intersex rules to that minority.

This could happen while further research into trans athletic body performs and while they adjust the rules to demand that hormones be issued be depo stick for both estrogen and anti-androgens in trans athletes and all records are erased and the requirement for SRS to be reinstated, that requirement alone will deter any fakers.

The truth is I think there are three types of Elite athlete; these are the early bloomers, instant that comes to mind is Adam Peaty he’ll retire at the after the next Olympics on top of the world, just like Usain Bolt. Then you have the hard Workers, any word para athlete you care to think of along with the best of the rest, and then you’ll have those that will exploit any loop hole they can find from thyroid medication to injecting blood bags into themselves; when ever you hear the phase “ came on later” or “late bloomer” you might as well translate that into dopers.

Those true grade one born elite athletes are actually rare freaks of nature, I once heard Usain Bolt described as the bubble bee of sprinting in that everyone can see what he does but no one can really explain how someone so tall gets up so fast with those long levers. I’m tall and I run like a drunk ostrich and Michael Phelps is basically Aquaman, the average person compared to him has the swimming talent of a brick.

There are more but I really am too stoned to bother finishing.


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