I am not a Doctor. I am not an endocrinologist. I’m not even a sports scientist or personal trainer so technically I know nothing; But to Quote J-Zay “ I know a little bit”.

I went into transition at fighting weight 198lbs or 90kilo it’s only recently that I hit my target weight of 65kilos in 2015, it took 6 years to lose the lean mass, I also maintained a 11% body fat.

To drop weight I went on a diet I don’t recommend, I lived on Heinz tomato soup with bread on a Friday and the bulk of my intake coming from cottage cheese, salmon, and celery with a cheat day once a fortnight.

Exercise specifically low cardio but it gets to a point cardio is impossible really so you need a week off here and there or I found my body started to protest being catabolic for an extended period isn’t healthy, I seriously don’t advise it because I have osteoperosis.

My point is I did everything I could to drop weight, in sport we are talking about people who work at being the best and when you’re working like that as a transwoman that’s been through male puberty the advantages you had as a male still exist, I find it hard people would thing any different.

On average male puberty will give you a higher consistency of fast twitch fibers, you will be more explosive and as it turn out a male body has evolved to chase after and kill animals and womans Is perfectly evolved for childbirth.

A body that has gone through male puberty has athletic advantages across the sports, we have larger lung capacity, larger hearts and on average more red blood cells to oxygenate our highly developed more muscular bodies that demand more oxygen.

The claim that it will alter bone, yes it will through osteoperosis which if you’re sticking to your estrogen that won’t happen because HRT helps retain bone density.

This is how I know what the effects misusing an HRT program can achieve, I mis-used my HRT so badly as stated I have osteo but in doing so I managed to transition and maintain enough performance to kill it in a womans field probably also well below my age grouping. I’m confident I can do this because I’ve been through male puberty, I’ve lived an athletic life.

I see women my age cycling and it’s obvious there’s a performance difference, you don’t lose that even after you’ve had your vagina installed and if you think a non cis man with a female identity should be allowed in a female field and then get to wear the world champion stripes and call that good for the sport then I think there’s a problem

As has been pointed out multiple times on twitter that  I studied art so what the fuck do I know.

I know I would never trust an athlete with a bottle of pills, especially one that’s easily manipulated like spironolactone, I would stipulate that it had to be Zoladex, you can’t cheat a 3 month depo stick, I would demand the same of the estrogen with constant blood test for trans dermal testosterone.

The trans inclusions are well intended I think, because I think sport is for everyone, I also think that transition has consequences and while equality is great it shouldn’t be at the cost of women.

Young girls face so many barriers to sport, we know this and now the sports bodies have just put up more barriers, I’m not cool with that but i wonder why you are.


I’ve never had a period, but when i was growing up as a boy all the boys knew what was going on when the girls started skipping swimming in PE, Jaws 2 offered the Narrative and boys can be brutal, i understand the social myths around a young girls period can also be discouraging to young female athletes, sometimes there’s social stigma and even threat to life.

Think about how long ago That Woman entered The Boston Marathon, this is living memory; why should young girls even try when because of the absolute science denial of the sports governing bodies.

As trans athletes we don’t have to manage that pesky bleed because Wimbledon starts tomorrow and i can just pill it through. Obviously not ever having a period but i imagine a loss of blood can cause anemia, there’s non of that, my anemia is caused for other reasons.

The trans men argument is never spoken about and i don’t know how Testosterone levels work inthe rules but I’m cool with trans guys competing with guys because essentially they’re working from a point of disadvantage

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