It’s a mess

Trans twitter spasms are quite common these days, there’s a transphobe list and I’ve been put on it by Dr Racheal McKinnon,  sadly, I’m blocked I’m not a big enough Twitter nerd to figure out how to get those old tweets or I’d paste them.

Mckinnon, was also suspended from twitter after posting words to the effect of that she wished women ( normal, CIS, X pure, whatever) should die in a grease fire, now given that she wrote this and got a suspension she was then let back on the platform after Linda Riley the Lesbian in charge at DIVA magazine stepped in and spoke with someone.

It seems trans people can be as vile as they like on twitter and because we are a protected class in their rules all it takes is a phone call from another liberal to make things happen, it seems that the lesbian mag would rather support someone with a cock than a woman.

This is of course all over transwomen in sport which is quite a compex thing.

The basic requirement for a female to compete in female sports is that the person actually be female on a basic level, this means not having a penis. I recently found out after a tweet exchange with Sharron Davies that she was checked back in 1976. The exchange came about because as a hermph I find it fascinating to learn how normal people view us, people like me are never spoken about unless it’s Mary Beard telling everyone that we are a sculptural joke from Roman Classic period or something, either way I stopped engaging with her, as an educator she has a narrow view.

I made this flippant comment to Sharron say that she was outside the norms for women and perhaps she should be chromo tested, her reply was most swimmers are over 5ft 10, I’m not gong to argue with an Olympic swimmer about Olympic swimmers, she knows way more than I do, but my response was, if they’re all outside the norms then they all should be tested.

Chromo testing would be great.

The trans issue is another thing altogether and I understand why the trans spasm happens. Deciding to transition is a painful thing, you know you’re probably going to lose a lot and gamble that your future will be happier. Starting your transition you look for those around you and you find this space full of digital trans people online all repeating the same mantra of equality but that expectation is based on transition.

Now you can be trans gender, gender is after just a state of being, but sex and gender are two different things but have being willfully confused by the liberal left to muddy the waters and the argument, to argue against these we have to start correcting the vernacular deployed by the trans community.

Gender has no space in a sex segregated sport and sex is protected class in sport so why are the governing bodies allowing transgender women to compete in a field with women when really they haven’t changed sex but fancy a bit of gender fluidity.

Why haven’t the UCI taken action over the conduct of a word champion making violent statements?

If quickstep can get shit for that photo where’s the outcry on this abuse of women?

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