I love Trek bikes, I’ve written of my adoration of the 2019 Madone and I could quite happily give up sex if it meant owning that bike. You might think that’s a bit much but I’m a single 45 year old lesbian with two cats, it’s not like there’s a queue of women round the block and if there is it would be for the battle school up the road.

It’s taken me quite a while to get over my “ I’ll never been dead on a Trek” , literally years, since they fucked over Greg and Kathy LeMond………. And now the fuckers have done it again.

ARRRRRRgggggggHHHHH! I scream at the monitor .

Drops cycling, or as they were once known as Trek-Drop, where this plucky little womens team put together by a couple blokes in a design studio. They had a great way of putting young talented women together, being as old as I am, these young women having this opportunity makes me fizz a bit and I watch in awe at the potential.

Not only did Drops cycling get on the World Tour they finished 17th  14th, I think, it’s not just the bike stuff though, Drops worked the social media and it looked effortless in a way that many teams aren’t, there’s true engagement and the riders seem to be having fun.


Right until what I assume was trek pulling the rug from drops when they started the Trek factory team.

The roster for the Trek Factory looks great, I’m sure it’ll be successful and it’s great that they think they’re supporting the sport but they aren’t . Trek took away an access to a team that I have no doubt will become renown in the peloton for it’s developmental talents. As a Drops fan I accept that every couple of years these once raw sportswomen will have had the edges knocked off and they’ll move on, but that just means I get to live my youth vicariously for another season and even younger girls seeking inspiration see themselves in the riders.

When Trek pulled out Drops almost imploded, it’s enough to make anyone go grey over night, fortunately Bob is bald and he has an accent that sound like my grandad. I can imagining him saying “cmon thun, t’won fix’t sel” before pulling on his wellies and heading off to dig out the coal bunker, the year he got an indoor toilet was a read letter day take my word for it.

I’m sure there was more too it, but , through crowdfunding, the surprise support from a commercial construction company along with the existing sponsors who stayed Drops, have managed to stay riding, this time with the support of Cannondale and I hope they see the team in the same way I do, I hope all the sponsors do.

Growing a sport isn’t just about money at the top, it’s about new talent being brought into the system and nurtured and without the pathways provided by teams like Drops this sport gets nowhere, but #TheTeamThatRefusedToDie goes into the 2019 season in a spanking new LeCol kit, that I would buy for myself if I was still doing that sort of thing, I like it, although to be perfect I’d have had maybe a 35mm collar up the neck, because I have a long neck and I look like a twat in aero tops. I’ll probably use them as gifts when they release them for sale.

I’m sure sooner or later things will continue to come out about how Trek acted but for now “ I wouldn’t be seen dead on a Trek”


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  1. Fred Thurston says:

    You really need to find out a few facts about the whole situation before slagging off Trek in this vicious way.
    You are clearly ill informed and have no knowledge of the facts.I feel sorry for you.


    1. Eden Walker says:

      Hi Fred,

      How was i hard on Trek? Did they not fuck over Greg? Did they not launch a new team full of talent that will be a success? Did they stop sponsoring Drops? Is the Madone not the best looking bike in the peloton? feel free to enlighten me.


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