David Millar for CPA

David Millar has decided to run for the head of the CPA, the organisation that’s supposed to represent cyclists but doesn’t allow cyclists to vote in any meaningful or easy way and from looking at twitter the riders are sick of getting screwed over.

I am not a Millar fan and there have been the obvious comments from the side lines about his doping ban and his slightly slimy personality but my main issue as someone that has a criminal past is his ego thought it was a good idea to keep the evidence, first rules of drugs; never keep anything at your yard no scales, no bags, no used needles.

People point out that Millar is successful and making money from a sport that he helped turn generations in to cynics while refusing to even mention it during broadcasts, refusing to talk about Valverde but label him “ remarkable” and talk about how “ sports science” has helped elongate the careers of riders.

You can’t blame a man for making a living, people bought his books, he suits that Car brand ( I’m too stoned to spell that), he pitched the idea to Brompton and they said yes, so it’s not on him for having a bit of hustle it’s on the people who invest in him and eventually those people that own Chapter 3, and I would be one of those people but the cycling clothing industry doesn’t think 6ft tall skinny women are a thing so I’d be buying it to look like shit.

Dopers are going to be around the sport for quite a while yet, anyone who thinks the peloton is clean is an idiot, I’d like to think it’s cleaner than it has been and as people retire or crash out it will continue to clean out. It was never about getting drugs out of the sport, you can’t rebottle that and the only way to push back is with a culture change, and after the sport went through the face plant of Lance Armstrong it could never recover from that period quickly, it has taken years nd now momentum I think is moving to a cleaner sport.

Someone far more intelligent than me said something about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of something. I’m sure David is an ok guy and there are only three endings for a and ex pro doper, the Pantani exit when we all call for better treatment, the bike shop exit where we all scream “ I WON’T SHOP THERE!” and the comeback for which you’ll be universally reviled, which to someone who has sketchy mental health I appreciate could be quite grinding after a while.

This is more than Millar, this is about the unfairness in the voting system and in standing Millar has broken raised the issue which is a win in itself, I doubt the system would allow Millar to win this time round but it allows him to move into the role of disrupter, of course he won’t because he’s a bland for that.

Ultimately we all can have an opinion but it doesn’t matter what we think, what I do know is that we are that fans and if we would like to support the riders we could email the shit out of their inbox


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