Larry and Conor’s excellent adventure.

Cycling is an odd old sport, the fans, like me, can be slightly argumentative over things as simple as a rider crashing and having his back wheel spin while he picks up his ride sending twitter into a mild spasm as we fight over stupid claims of motor doping, it happened this year with Toms Skujins and three camera angles later people still wouldn’t let it go.

We as fans talk about the brain numbing bordom of the peloton and reminisce over the characters of the days gone by while riders do the corporate thing and say the same thing time after time in post-race interviews, this is why Sagan is so great, you get the impression that he really doesn’t give a fuck and that at heart he remembers what it’s like to be that fan, at home watching the telly rolling his eyes at the same comments, fact is personality wise, the peloton is lacking.

It seems that the only way a rider can express himself is to have their team fold, this is another problem in cycling. With no tickets sales and the riders like me who have more enthusiasm than ability chastised as full kit wankers the revenue stream for teams isn’t the same as football and this was a problem that Aqua Blue faced.

The self sustaining aspiration of Aqua Blue can work but first of all we as fans need to drop the bullshit and embrace the teams we love, those that make us scream at the tellybox but sometimes it’s even smaller than that, it comes down to riders of teams because frankly there are teams I don’t like who have riders that I do but no matter how much I like Tao I would never wear sky team kit, and while I like what Trek are doing in supporting a range of teams over several disciplines I can’t wear the Trek Factory replica kit because I’m a ginger and red with my colouring really wouldn’t work.

We as fans need to notice that while looking pimp on a £5000 plus ride wrapped in Castelli it’s also cool to pick a team kit, buy it and wear it no body imagines for one second a 40 year fat man in a Manchester United kit is pretending he’s a premiership footballer and yet this is the accusation behind the Full Kit Wanker.

It’s because of the broken model that year upon year teams merge, or die and Aqua Blue went that way but in doing so it spat out Larry and Conor who went on an excellent adventure and the resulting social media is far more entertaining than that feed of the Vuelta.

I have no idea where they are going, frankly I don’t think they really know either but to me it seems the perfect response to Aqua Blue folding, what should two out of work pro cyclist national road champions do to work out that stress but go for a bike ride.


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