A bit of a TREK

It’s eight months since I tried to kill myself and the police arrested me and tried to have two male officers strip search me because they said I was a man, meaning that I didn’t meet their expectations of what a woman should look like. This led me to take to legal action and I expect the settlement from the police pretty soon and although the money is nice I find the police actions towards someone who is in the process of killing themselves pretty horrendous, the silver lining to the incident is the cheque.

My instant thought was to bike stuff, yes I need a new sofa, yes I’ve been told a Tempur mattress will do me wonders but fuck all that Trek have just dropped the new Madone and a new Emonda.

This hopefully will be the last new bike I’ll need for a good while and I want to go for disc brakes and the ISO decoupler is a revolution for my crash damaged broken spine and now the Madone comes with both and the ISO is even adjustable  add to that how mind boggling beautiful the bike is when fitted with the Madone bars and all the cables are tucked out of site, I bet the people that build bikes hate it but as someone that spent years as a design engineer I genuinely believe that the Trek Madone is setting the standard for the aesthetic of the carbon road bike and I can’t see why they shouldn’t roll that out across the whole range.

I know really I should be looking at the Emonda, it would be far easier on my spine and as I’m not getting younger a more relaxed geometry would be better but I can shake the Madone off and it’s all down to how it looks, even standing still it looks way faster than the Venge but really while I have the cash for a disc Iso speed Madone I really can’t justify six grand on a bike when I also want a Tacx Neo and a frame swap on the tarmac to turn a 58cm bike into a 56cm.

Sadly, the colour ways for the 2019 off the peg bikes is so uninspired it’s been suggested that the reason that Trek do this is so you’ll opt for the Project One range, nope, that takes cash and that’s something I haven’t got.

It’s quite possible to buy an eTap Emonda for £3600 with disc brakes and then have it stripped and painted for another £300 and this seems like the perfect option given that my choices seems to be drab and drabber and then pray that the boffins are Trek make those Madone style bars for the Emonda and Domane range.

It’s not just about the bike but about the company, Trek supported Bob, Tom and the young womens teams over at Trek-Drops who have had to find another main sponsor after Trek decided to have their own factory women’s team and that deserves a bit of retail support from my point of view, if you follow Chad Brown on Twitter you’ll see how much Trek really do pile money into the sport at all levels and disciplines.


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  1. Screw the Emonda, get an eTap equipped disc Madone and never look back! That thing is luscious! The new Trek Madone would be my dream “off the shelf” bike (a custom Wyndymilla is number one). I once watched a pro bike mechanic build up a cable and rim brake Madone, it was an absolute nightmare. Discs and wireless makes life a bit easier.

    Oh and Trek also supported Lance … 😉 lol


    1. Eden Walker says:

      Oh my problem with Trek goes back to Lance, who i admire for his devotion to pushing the envelope on doping, but the Greg LeMond fallout was the largest part of my trek issue.

      However their investment in womens cycling WAY OH WAY undoes that.

      If i had Madone disc with Etap money i would have one in an instant, but i’m a bit too old and bit too broken to be selling myself for sex which is the only way i could afford it

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  2. Dingman says:

    I just stumbled across this blog, and this post is the only I’ve read.
    I’m thinking you should have spent more time on the post, you seem to be OK with writing, I think more detail would have made the post more interesting.
    Ya, there’s a whole lot to say about Trek’s latest offerings (I myself have a 2018 Domane SLR 8 Disc (cabled Dura-ace).
    I also have broken most (all?) the vertebrae in my back, but don’t go thinking the isospeed is the ticket – bigger tires work just as well.

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    1. Eden Walker says:

      Oh I run low pressures. I rarely run above 90

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