Time to stop being shit

I’ve had a peek behind the curtain of a life without cycling and I don’t like it.

I think it’s been three weeks since the heart spasm and I’ve achieved a lot of things around the home, I am a home maker, I get a fizz out of taking one step closer to the flat being were I want it to be.

The garden has started to give up its bounty, my raspberry harvest is monumental to the point that the plants have more than paid for themselves and I have a freezer stash, to keep me going. The daughter of the young chap down the road came over for a picking session, berries really do taste so much better from the bush and that bit of snail slime…… who cares.

Of course I’ve managed to do these little jobs because I haven’t been on the bike and I’m now 10 kilo heavier and I feel like a slug so today I went out for a bike ride in the sunshine, just a brief 30k but it was nice, I was surprised to see the HRM had picked up another 235bpm; I didn’t feel it while I was riding, the tree pollen season is over and the grass pollen never affects me as much but the breathing thing is like riding uphill at altitude, just can spin out low watts but banging out hard watts isn’t going to happen

I can’t just sit on the sofa and head into my 50s with the ever increasing waste line.

I was spoken at by an NHS nutritionist who explained some really heavy biology stuff on how nutrition is important but no one has ever sat down and made the links between what does what to where and how in a way that I could digest but this guy took on all questions.

Needless today I’ve forked out a bit on bars and powders, I remember once upon a time I wouldn’t be talking about sport goop but Pills and Coke, god bless the 90s, specifically 1994.

So what brand does a person who doesn’t like the cost of sports products buy when she buys Sports Nutrition? I went for Torq they threw in a free shaker and a water bottle with a black and orange colour scheme to match my bike, I also stacked a 10% off voucher. As you can tell I did my research.

I also started at the gym again, I hate the gym more than I hate the price of sports goo but as I’ve decided to stop being shit needs must.

I picked up a set of Garmin index scales because I needed a bit of a nerding session and while I dare say the figures aren’t that accurate in a medical sense but as a tool track a trend I think they have a use.

So that’s it, I’ve decided that it’s time to stop being shit


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