Having spoken to a the cardiac specialist m “ cardiac event” has been downgraded to an electrical spike “come back in 20 years and we’ll fit you a pacer” the woman said before happy “cheerio”

Since the max spike of 237bpm I’ve been properly poked about the heart area, I’ve had numerous ECG, spoken to lots of staff and been tested to the point of, well, I would say breaking but nothing happened and it’s been put down to a simple electrical wobble.

What this whole experience has taught me is that the NHS while wanting us all to be fitter and healthier is aghast as the stresses that some people put their body through.

Watching the cardiologist’s facial expression while I explain what it feels like to ride up a hill in the heat, struggling to get air, pins and needles in both shoulders and feeling a bit light headed said all that was needed. “ you know when your body does that to you it’s probably a signal to back off a tad”

Fact is you don’t usually feel your heart until either you work hard and you feel it pounding in your chest, or it goes wonky and you feel it rattle in your ribcage; there’s a massive difference between a rapid but regular 187bpm trying to spin up a hill bu-bum-bu-bum-bu-bum-bu-bum and the rather scary  bu-brrrrrap-ap-ap-ap-bu-brrrrrap-ap-ap-ap-bu.

It’s not a painful thing and it’s not unheard of for me to ride through a smaller spike of 210-215bpm and that might sound hard but it’s kind of also stupid and involves me pleading with my body to find it’s rhythm again while I ask myself if I should stop for a bit while still willing my legs to spin.

It was suggested that it could be diet related, under fuelled and over working your body apparently can do things like that as it just increases the physical stress, I can accept that, my diet is shit for the amount of work I was doing but given my financial situation my diet would be fine for an inactive person or a moderately active person but when you’re trying to ride as much as I was the basic diet wouldn’t cut it.

Now that I’ve deferred my Ride London 100 entry until next year my plan is to take things easy, or at least easy-ish and just give myself time to both get stronger and change my riding style, it’s quite obvious that the bull in china shop approach didn’t work out too well and I think taking time to fall back in love would be a better way to go.



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