Ride London 100

I’ve not really done much of anything in the last couple of weeks let alone ride a bike, my Tarmac, its back wheel connected to the turbo trainer, a D&G jacket slung over the saddle and stuff draped from the bars.

It seems that I can only ride indoors for so long before geeing myself becomes impossible and now I find myself in a bit of a training pickle.

Last year I thought it would be a grand idea to put in for the Ride London 100 ballot, now that’s 100 miles not 100k and NEVER in my cycling years have I ever gone that far in one day without breaking something and I know several people who’ve put in for the ballot year after years and never got a ticket to ride but beginners luck being what it is I am rider 6925.

I need to get on it again and be serious about structured training and avoid posting a crappy time not that I know what a respectable time for a wonky woman is over 100 miles.

The plus points are that I have both Leith and Box hills sort of on my doorstep I think both of them are within 30 miles and there are regular group rides up The Box so if I do my work right they shouldn’t be a problem the biggest con of doing it is my bike frame is too big.

Nutrition wise, I can afford any of the powders for post training and whatever so it’s going to have to be old skool diet which will no doubt become very boring after a while because, frankly, I hate washing up, in fact I hate cooking for one but that’s something completely different.

I have five months to get start line ready, I am of course doing it to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/ride100mind



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