The Sky Fanboi Spasm

Sky fanbois on twitter have been having a collective spasm over the last week trying not to let their arses drop out over Froomey rather spectacular failed urine test and it says a couple of things about their mentality.

Putting my pole in the ground I’m one of the people that say Chris cheated, as far as I’m concerned when my mum gave my valuable life lessons one of those lessons that at times was slapped into me is play by the rules or take the consequences, sometimes that could be a slipper, sometimes the belt, sometimes I was grounded, sometimes I escaped with being sent to my room without supper.

The main thrust of the great spasming fanboy is that Ventolin isn’t a band substance but with their selective understanding they fail to grasp the nettle when it comes around to the maximum limit allowable under the rules, of which Froomey had double the amount.

Imagine if you will a car driver knocking a cyclist off a bike when the car is travelling at 40 in a 20 zone, travelling at speed isn’t illegal and I couldn’t imagine the same people using the same argument about the car driver being twice over the limit, because it’s a stupid fucking argument to make on any level.

The other point they make is that he’s tested lots and he knows what he’s doing. Now you can take this a couple of ways. Firstly that everyone passes until the moment they don’t, then there’s the  view that he obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing because he failed the test, and the third would be that the more you’re tested the greater your knowledge of testing the more likely you are to find a work around to the rules.

To be fair the person that comes of worse in all of this is Duck and cover Dave who seems to hide away in his oversized camper van when it comes to things like this, it seems that his hiding away from answering questions wasn’t just reserved for Wiggo but as far as I’m aware he’s said very little if anything in relation to Froome being a bit dopey and right now I can’t help feeling that while Froome will never be pushed under the bus Davey Boy will do the bare minimum to stop Froome falling under it.



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