Eddy Merckx….. what does he know?

That often meme’d quote about riding upgrades and not buying them. Utter tosh Mr Merckx.

Last year, from my hospital bed with reduced impulse control from my brain damage I took my debit card from my wallet and bought a bike, it looks nice, it rides well but it’s not the off peg number I bought, over the past year I’ve been taking it to the tailors, but fitting I don’t think should count as an upgrade unless of course the part swap was made on the sole reason of weight saving as I did with both my stem and seat post; the wheels went as has the bottom bracket, the crank arms and chainset, the only stock parts left excluding the frameset are the 105 brakes.

There are some things that I still want to, I think I deserve some Chris King ceramic bottom bracket action which would work perfectly with my lovely new Rotor ALDHU3D+ crank which Rotor where lovely enough to let me have, I’m chuffed to bits and there’s two things you might not know if you haven’t read anything else on here. If something is  a dud I’ll call it bullshit and that I already own a set of Q-rings that I was so impressed with I wrote a three parter about them and I’m more than a little excited about getting my nerd on with the Powertap advanced pedal metrics which account for oval rings where other pedal based systems don’t .

I would love a set of Orange oversized Ceramic speed bearings, now they may give me a performance boots which is nice is suppose but just look at how pretty they are and they’re a snip if you compare them to the titanium one which are actually visually these appealing and certainly wouldn’t complement the battery cover on my Powertaps.

I know Ed was saying “ get fit you lazy bastard” but why make it any harder than you have to? I love aftermarket parts, I can grow with my bike. Advice says we should all be fit to our bikes and get it checked every now and again and have things altered as you improve as a rider, as you improve don’t you deserve a slight upgrade? Working like that, by the time you get to reaching your goal you have a better bike than you had when you started as the overall reward.

I hope that by the time I hit my goals I’ll have a truly tailored bike after finally dump the frame I’m using, all of that is achievable because of the after market upgrade market.

Yes I agree with Eddy about being fitter I just happen to think aftermarket parts and upgrades are essential to making your bike work for you.


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  1. Anthony says:

    The truth is that there are some things that really make the bike work for you. There are some things worth paying for.
    Yes, fitness will solve many of them, but when you’re fitter, you’ll also notice the difference some of those other changes will make.


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