Chris Hoy.

We can all agree that when it comes to going fast on a bike Chris Hoy will be remembered in a way very few others will be, as a cycling pundit however he seems to be a bit of a cock.

Watching the Tissot track racing from Manchester over the weekend some idiot at the BBC, possibly Dan Roan decided that it would be a top idea to interview a sexist and verbally abusive man who damaged the career of a female cyclist to the point that she has been given leave to sue British Cycling.

After showing the full interview with sexist prick Shane Sutton, National treasure Clair Balding made a throw away link encouraging Hoy you give his views which included a statement to the effect ‘it must have been difficult for Sutton to come back here with all that happened’

What Chris seems to have forgotten in his defence and understanding Sutton is that Jess Varnish could have been racing there, she should still have a cycling career and the man that Chris Hoy feels so sorry for constructed a situation though his own actions to make sure that didn’t happen.

Chris made no attempt to challenge the statements made by Sutton and I can’t help thinking that it’s all a boys club thing.

My hope is that over the years while his daughter grows up Chris becomes aware of the shit that women go through, I hope that on the day his daughter comes home in floods of tears he doesn’t say to her “ well love it must have been tough on your coach too”

Chris Hoy will always be a cycling hero, but on this occasion in defending Sutton, he shows himself to be an ignorant idiot who would rather defend the abuser rather than stand with the abused.



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