Do you need Q-Rings? – Part 2

Very few things in life are free and free watts are a myth.

Having been running my Q-rings for a couple of weeks, buying them not for “free watts” but to easy the pains in my back while I get deeper into my recovery, the results are quite amazing.

For the first few days I ran the rings in the standard option of option 3 and having followed the easy tutorials on YouTube I took to adjusting the cranks first to option 2 which I ran for another few days and then to option 4 which I’m still running.

Now because of my spine damage I’m not allowed to do a full FTP test until the physical rehab people have given me the green light so I’m working from the mFTP in TrainingPeaks WKO4.

Since fitting the Q-Rings my mFTP has gone up 19 watts which is quite a large amount in such a short time and while it would be nice to put these down to the “ free watts” from non round rings but I paid for those watts, not only in the money from the investment in the Q-Rings but also through muscle engagement that I was missing with my standard rings.

The Q-Rings allow me to apply power more effectively and, as the orthopaedic specialist suggested, have taken the strain away from my spine meaning I can ride further and stay in the saddle longer, my max ride distance has almost doubled, because my rides have only ever been limited by the amount of pain I’m able to tolerate while riding the less pain the longer I can travel.

I know it’s not going to set the world ablaze but since my last spine operation I’ve gone from not being able to ride 5k to riding pretty much 60k a few times per week and I’m slowly building on that although I know I’m not getting the best from the Q-rings and I dare say I’ll be investing a Rotor Crank with more adjustment options

Since my crash and my right side being as damaged as it is my left and right legs will never be symmetrical in their pedal stroke and while my set up now suits my left leg my right leg isn’t as and most probably never will work in the same way so in search of a little bit more balance the Rotor crank, when I’ve saved enough money, will be a purchase but that has to come after my winter wheels and the wet riding clothing.

The question really isn’t do you need Q-Rings but from my experience since buying them the question is do you want to be more efficient and in less pain?


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