Why Women Run

Somewhere there’s a chap behind a desk in a bike business wondering why women won’t buy the premium rate bikes in the same way men do and I don’t understand how he doesn’t understand.

It’s not that women won’t ride, I dare say at some point in the 10 years the short journey market will be dominated by the female customer base, the take up of track cycling will be huge relatively speaking, road cycling will grow but the bike sales won’t nearly have the market growth of the men’s market; Specialized found that, sooner or later there will only be a few brands that value specific female geometry for the market to coalesce around including Liv and Canyon and they will face the same issues that affect the market worldwide.

Women run.

Sports bar, short, shoes and other bits £300 and if you’re paid a lot less than your male colleagues who either don’t recognise, think about, talk about or acknowledge wage inequality or they don’t give a shit, most probably the later. £300 for the tools to change your body, rediscover your health, bust some stress and ward off osteoporosis in a way cycling never will. Bargin.

Think of all that baby weight a woman can drop after she puts her career on hold, for which she’ll be subtly punished for when she returns to work if her job, to have a child that she’ll spend more time than her partner picking up after, wiping the arse of and cleaning the house. I wonder if that worried bike man behind his desk has thought about the financial stress of being a woman.

We get paid less, and every month get taxed in a way than man would never been. It costs a woman just as much to live in London as a man, things aren’t suddenly 20% cheaper because I have a uterus, in fact that bloody uterus makes sure i pay the pink tax. It’s a losing trip, women start with less with the same general overheads but all the shit women are expected to carry.

I’m fortunate that I my bike’s tricked out but until my crash I was a single, childless, career woman working in a male dominated field, I knew that while I was one of the smartest people in the room I was also the lowest paid although the pay was pretty spectacular it wasn’t equal.

The stupidity of man is that instead of thinking that if women were paid equally we would be able to buy those large items that are out of reach but instead of challenging that convention they would rather just withdraw from the market because shareholders are more important to equality and business must love a cheap workforce even though it underlines it’s of sexist ignored policies.

When was the last time a man had to buy a bra that wasn’t ultimately for his own gratification? Those things don’t come free and then there’s make-up, now you might think that’s a choice but sadly it’s a proven fact that a woman with the right shade of lipstick will get the job over non made up interviewee. Yet again I worked in a field where shit like that wasn’t important and my brain was more important than my heel height, and that’s important because in our low paid employment it’s possible for the contract to stipulate heels in the clothing policy, men voted on it.

You might think this is a feminist rant, it’s not, it’s just sort of how life is for many women and yet bike business chap, in is simplicity can bend his overpaid brain cell to comprehend, he most probably thinks we spend it on bags and shoes and there are women that do but I dare say there are more that don’t even have the money to shop like that, let alone walk into a bike shop and walk out owning all the top end swag.

Heavens forbid that the mens market wakes up to the fact that weight loss is so much cheaper than a premium carbon frameset, the whole bike market would implode.

If you’re a business and you want to grow the womens market I ask you to first consider how you treat your female employees financially and then ask yourself how to grow your market, it’s simple, give us equal pay, and equal contracts and if it had global uptake, which it never will, all markets would benefit and that money you ‘lost’ in wages you’d benefit from the true spending power of 51% of the global population.



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