Chris Froome.


As always with the tour conversation will always go to doping, there’s no way for one second that I think Contador at his age can be that competitive when all the science dictates that he should be on the decline, and that guy from Drapac, that used to be Garmin slipstream that dopey David Millar used to ride for, so much clean riding eh boys.

I like to poke David Millar so much he blocked me on twitter and then there’s Chris Va-Va-Froome.

I’m not a Team Sky fan, I think their science while interesting on a research level makes cycling boring as hell and in sport that has its serious stylists who always look effortless on a bike Chris Froome could never be considered as part of that group.

There have been doping questions about Froome and that’s kind of understandable and as someone that loves to jab people disrespect the sport and rob the other riders in the peloton of any success as you’d expect I have an opinion.

The general talking point about Froomey is that video on YouTube with the released ride data showing his heart rate drop while attacking on a climb an then there’s the weight loss and body sculpting that he went through, bit like Tom D when he transformed himself from TT rider to mountain goat in one season, which frankly made me scratch my head while thinking “oh Tom what have you been up to”.

Sadly Froomey is still suffering from the Armstrong effect which hangs over cycling and I’ve already written about my admiration for Armstrong’s dedication to chemical excellence and his do anything at all costs to win mentality.

Froomey has the same mentality I think without the narcissistic slightly sociopathic tendencies but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours of modern day finishing bottles flooded with ketones are true, not illegal, fare game and everyone knows that Team Sky with the MASSIVE budget are willing to push the envelope, do I think they ask their riders to try new things and putting aside Wiggins and the jiffy bag the cloak of secrecy that surrounds Team Sky will always keep us guessing.

People talk about the physical transformation of Froome and have their suspicion peaked but I look at it in the same way as his bike handling skills when he used to be called Crash Froome, things change, we get better and as body is trained for one purpose it becomes only equipped to do one thing, in Froome’s case that’s climbing. Kittel is a sprinter how really isn’t the world’s best climber but if you look at the differences in their physicality’s it’s obvious and have you seen Froome try to sprint?

Like everyone I read the cycling press and I’m sure Froome has been reported to have a high carb low protein diet, now, I’m not a doctor but in my head if you have a low protein diet and you flog yourself to death on a bike everyday creating muscle damage and you live in a protein debt your body has to get the extra protein from somewhere right and if you’re a cyclist that’s going to be your upper body.

Then there are people saying that he has this freakish VO2 max, yet again all rumours, but all I have to do is point you to LeMond, one of the most respected men to ever get on a bike did anyone ever suggest he was dirty?

I’m not David Walsh praying at the altar of Chris like a sycophant, I don’t know him or spent time with him, the closest I’ve been to Froomey was when I like a caption to a photo he posted, his professional aura doesn’t affect me the way it seems to have sucked Walsh in.

Is Froome dirty? No I don’t think he is. I just think he’s the product of exceptionally hard work and being part of a team that willing to look at all medical research, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a full time team of researchers covering those bases and I think that dedication to winning within the rules that Froome has allows him to put his body through it and try new things.

As for Ketones, if they’re designed to help you metabolise fat as a fuel source and flip the switch on your biochemical reaction in the same way you can flip a Prius to electric from petrol I wonder what use that would be to Froome, I see him in bib shorts and there’s not a picking on him so while on someone that carries fat it could well work would it be any more beneficial than a caffeine shot from Science in Sport in relation to Chris, I doubt it.

The truth is people can change their bodies and for some people it’s easy so people it’s not and we judge from our own lived experience. I drop weight really easy shredding fat it’s so simple I find it hard to understand why some people have so much trouble dropping dead weight and while I don’t like dropping lean mass from my upper body I can do it but it’s bloody hard to get your body to eat itself in that way.

I suppose the question is, will he win The Tour, after today I don’t think he will after losing the most valuable man in the Sky train after G decked it and picked up a collarbone on the same stage that wrecked Richie Porte in the most horrendous crash and I hope they’re both ok.


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  1. KidKarbon says:

    It is clear now that at the very least that Sky push right up against the limits of what is legally allowed and in so doing entered a grey area that means they can no longer claim the moral high ground. I have no doubt that Froome participates in this view. It is surprising how many people have forgotten that in 2012 after days of riding in the wind for team leader Wiggins who had a performance enhancing TUE that Froome dropped him with ease on La Toussuire with four kilometres to go. Is his performance level seriously that much higher than a multiple Olympian, world champion and hour record holder? — looks too good to be true, history dictates that it probably is

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    1. Eden Walker says:

      i get your point, however, perhaps the self imposed team sky want to win within a set time period meant that they went with a multi-discipline rider and gave him a jiffy bag that bit of dirty help, i have no problem calling wiggo dirty i also just think on that terrain Froome would always outride wiggo


      1. I tend to agree. I don’t think that Sky or Froome are illegally doping (and I do hope they are clean) but I do believe they are riding that fine line of the latest “performance enhancements” so to speak. Combined with the latest training and diet technology they are producing champions. Legal? Yes (for now). Ethical? Well, that’s up for debate.

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      2. Eden Walker says:

        with Froome i think people forget that he could be 80% slow twitch muscle fibers which is why he can spin a 38×32 like that because of the absence of fast O2 hungry fast twitch, i think that would explain the differing riding style between Porte and Froome, i also think that perhaps Porte’s muscle mix allows him to be more of a stylist on the pedals because his body allows him too.

        People shouldn’t look at what Froome can do well, look at the things he can’t an you see, that while he’s an amazing climber i think Porte is a better cyclist.

        Sky however fully understand the team nature of the sport with a single goal of winning the GC.


  2. KidKarbon says:

    Froome is made of the exact same stuff as Wiggins imho remember it was Froome who won the Tour of Romandie while on a TUE, you can’t be sick enough to require medical treatment and then be the absolute class of the field. You can’t have it both ways.
    The evidence suggests that team sky riders as a collective abuse cortisol supported by the fact they refuse to join the MPCC

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    1. Eden Walker says:

      but then i could argue that the UCI and ASO should adopt the MPCC and force it on everyone.


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