I want to be a Grimpeur

The effects of not riding on my fitness are tragic, I’m sure there must be long term respiratory suppressant effect to the amount of pain medication I’ve been taking, my body feels lazy and on the trainer that estimated 20 min delay in your cardio system to catch up with the work of your biomechanical system, that in my case used to be around 15 minutes is now up to the high 30s.

My aerobic system can’t keep up with the wattage in my legs and it happens even before I hit anywhere near a descent IS, I can’t even get to my lactic threshold it’s like my body just thinks fuck this.

Then again as was pointed out on Twitter today after I posted the ride, perhaps I should have picked a different route than Ventoux; I really don’t think it was the route I think it was my position, I forgot to put the riser block under my front wheel, I find the flexibility of their adjustable block can help me get the power down and I find cycling out of the saddle on the flat almost impossible in my current state of recovery, so lifting the front helps me simulate the action of hoiking out and riding standing; I still have a long way to go on that I can only manage like 90 seconds working on the principle that when I stand I drop down 2 at the back.

Even if I wasn’t trying to change the way I ride doing the standing simulations is a really good workout hitting a whole load of different muscle groups and now I’ve dropped a shit load of body fat and with complete vanity I can say I’m loving the effect its having on my lower legs.

The sad news is I had to ride to the profile because I accidentally deleted the codec but Cycleops have a really quick turn around on solving issues I found out. If I was fully recovered and able to ride it constantly three or more days per week then it would fully be my trainer platform of choice. Like Bkool it offers video but it also has an easier and more controllable UI and as you’d expect from the same group of companies behind my amazingly-smashingly-wonderful PowerTap pedals the integration is seamless makes the data collection more than I can bend my head around when syncs with TrainingPeaks and their stand alone WK04, I don’t know which company is responsible for that but it’s wonderful simplicity.

I’d love to try the Cycleops Hammer to see how that works with the Virtual Trainer , I currently use an Elite Tubo Muin B+ and it doesn’t alter the resistance and the speed just drops when you hit and incline, I’d like to try that added extra and if their trainers are as good as my lovely Powertap pedals then I think I could do a lot worse, the main problem being that because of the back, brain damage yada yada and not working that really isn’t going to happen any time soon in my new life of thrift.


Working on the principle of any gain is good gain and bailing on Ventoux after a bit over 10k I decided Saturday should be a short climb, fortunately Cycleops has plenty to choose from and I went for Col Du Telegraph. My aims were simple, get up it in as near as an hour as I can without going anaerobic. In my head I thought it would be around 55 minutes and going in with that mind set made the last 15 minutes nasty, painful and mentally testing while I talked myself into staying on the bike.


Stage 2 of The Tour and my plan was to ride while I watched the race but after Saturday’s ride it took my back most of the day to get to a point where I could swing my leg over, anyway I road late in the day doing the Fetcham Boxhill Loop at 23.7k yet again with the aim of doing it in the hour which I managed and snaggled 5th overall in strava on the climb, if I was able to push at my old FTP I’m sure I could get top three but given I’m still broken it’s just nice to see that lovely graph showing my fitness improving because once fitness is there, power is easier.


Body weight 72.8k Body fat 9% awesomeness 100%


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