Week 3

So I’ve switched from days to weeks because this is quickly turning into a week in review. This week was supposed to be another rant about Rapha and how don’t seem to acknowledge the variance in women who ride and their piss poor female customer engagement.


I’ve just had a spanking ride, it wasn’t long, it wasn’t intense and it certainly wasn’t me going hard. Strava tells me I spent most of the ride in zone 3 and 30 odd percent in zone 4. I split the ride in two 10k to get to the park, a bit of a rest and a water and then a 14k ride back, not long at all right?

On that ride something wonderful happened, I could feel my legs working properly, the left sweeps back while the right pushes forward, it doesn’t last very long but its happening more and more and I’m not even thinking about it, I guess this is the muscle memory people talk about.

The other thing that happened is hoiking out of the saddle to climb Battersea Rise, ahead of me was a beardy chap from Clapham Chasers on his bike, going into the corner he had the wrong gear and because my Di2 had gone flat I was stuck in 50/14 and while the chap ahead dropped to the inner ring and tried to crawl through his cassette I just went for it, Strava told me I PB’d on that section and I wasn’t blowing when I got to the top, it’s only a few hundred metres but I’ve been struggling climbing seated because of the back issue where standing up makes that so much easier, sometimes I get a stabbing pain in my lower back when I hoik out of the saddle but it soon stops and confidence is high enough to go up Dark Hill, even the trip past Quitters Bench has become a lot easier.

It’s weird that while I’m this broken I feel more comfortable in some ways, yes I have to stretch out more and massage my back while I ride but that same comfort encourage confidence except when clipping in, I think the release from my first round of spine surgery has stopped the spasm in my foot and I feel wrong on the pedals. Or it could be that Power Tap pedals are just shit to clip into .

Other things. WK04 from Training Peaks has told me that since the crash my VO2 max has dropped nine points, it still considers me a sprinter and I’m interested to see how that changes through the year.


Additional. After Friday’s ride I thought it might be nice to continue the good feeling and have a spin on Sunday, this was a mistake. While in recovery my approach is to improve myself by gently stressing my body without straining it so while I might go out with the intentions of doing something I can push too much and Sunday left me a little deflated.

It’s Monday morning and I’m in pain, a new pain in my thoracic region of my spine, which is the area where I have three wedge fractures , I think the pain comes from me pulling on the bars testing how my body responds to my applying seated power. It’s not a massive pain but it’s enough to stop me riding today.

Weight down to 75.4kilo, ped efficiency 73%, Ped effectiveness 79%


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