Week 2

Being in my mid 40s with a history of drug addiction and smoking I have to accept that I can only get my body to perform one sporting at any one time. I can’t for example train towards doing an hour record while also keeping my body in a condition where I could do a crit race, not that I would ever do one because frankly I’m dangerous in a group at speed.

Training for the hour was actually quite simple and while the training had elevated my FTP it didn’t seemed to do anything for me even with a slight variance in the road surface. It’s like my old lady legs can either do a paced effort like the old lady hour OR I can do road stuff, now that I’ve let the hour go it’s time to find my legs again.

Before the crash my highest FTP was 4.32 W/kilo I have no idea how good that is, I know it hurts and I know it probably will make me throw up again trying to repeat it, I often wonder what FTP Katie Archibald or Lizzie Diegnan, and Dani King have. On a turbo trainer the week before the crash I topped out at 36kmph for an hour, I still maintain I would nailed it although I do have many questions about the bodies biomechanical systems and the interrelationship that have left me wondering if I should go off and do some sports science type courses.

As I’ve now gained 12kilos and only had my second ride out in 8, almost 9 months my numbers are drastic but I love them.

I know I’m not supposed to ride, I have a medical warning letter telling me so but it’s Sunday, Anges got a Muc-Off make over spa date with a gleaming drivetrain and I couldn’t resist, all I wanted to do was get to the park and back without pressing my spine injury, I’m now riding truly to the limitations of my body, I have to be aware of it, how it works mechanically and it puts me into a different headspace which is impossible to maintain so things do slip and I have to catch my position before a look like a bag of spud slung on a garden fence.

What’s my core doing, where’s my ass on the saddle and then there’s being aware of all those little muscles in my sparrow legs that once you’re aware of what they’re doing over time it feels quite ticklish, I found myself having a bit of a chuckle. The main issues are that because I’ve been able to feel my right foot I’m a pedal masher on that side, my left side is almost graceful, I can feel the difference although the Powertaps tell me my power output is as near as balanced the application of the power make me pull to the right, the obvious reaction is to load the left bar to offset to the wobble. What I should be doing is changing my pedal action and stop it happening but that’s harder than you think.

My surgical site, when it doesn’t hurt has a full motion and I can almost feel my hip rolling my knee over the top of the stroke, don’t know that’s how you should pedal but’s that’s how I get my arse working, which I have to be careful of because that in the end is what causes the pain

I did less than 17k, I never made it to the park because of a twangy thing in my original surgical site but I though best turn round.

One thing I must say that got on my tits where these two mamils, you know the type to lazy to lose weight so they buy and F10 and then ride round with it disappearing up the cracks of their arses, they didn’t seem to like that not only do I like the kerb side when the light is red but I always stop at red lights. Making comments like “there’s always one” and “bloody typical” make you sound much like a bell end as you look. The upside is even with my back issue I still dropped them on a little hillock. Dear FAT MEN get some manners


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