Week 1

I had my first ride on the roads on the second of June, Strava recorded it as 86% at zone one, it was really wonderful to be outside in the early morning air, one of the joys of getting up at 0400 is the roads are really quiet and Richmond Park isn’t open to cars, I can get in and out within 70 minutes. I took the Garmin more out of interest than anything practical in the end results and I thought it would be helpful to get to grips reading new ride data in WK04.

Sunday I was in pain in a space between my L5/S1 surgical site and the outside of my right hip with cramping down my right leg and worrying that I’d done some damage I took myself off to see the specialist, the result, paraphrasing. I’m dick, it’s too early, if you must do it indoors and get a fucking touring saddle.

Yeah right, sorry love, that saddle would clash with my Mavics.

It’s Tuesday, I’m still in pain.

The ride itself was beautiful, I was lovely sotted deer on bandy legs and the most impressive stag that made me stop and wonder what would happen if I rode past, he was so close to the road I had to stop, not just to think about if he could chase me on my Tarmac on a tarmac surface but to also just look at him, I live in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world and I’m staring into the face of a multipoint stag 8m away.

I suppose the other reason for me stopping and looking is that I’m so out of condition I found 25.5k quite a test, everything started of fine, I’ve dropped down from a semi compact to a compact crank which feels odd. After around 10 my right side started to tighten by 15k I was having to stand on the pedals as much as I could to relieve the compressive pain, it might not be compressive, it could be muscular but my thought process is that with the pain radiating into my knee and ankle I could have nerve issues.

The thing with nerve damage is it hurts while you have it, it hurt while you recover from it and it can it years to do it to a significant level and as we get older it takes longer. Joy. It took a good three years for me to be able to feel the bottom of my face after I had my chin reattached a few years ago.

The last 5k was quite nasty but I what can you do, you can only get home one way, and the extra 10kilos I’ve gained while not doing anything needs to come off.

The upsides are that I have better range of motion on my right side than I remember having, the Powertap analytics and one leg drills have really started working and to be fair it feels a bit odd but in good way when it happens, it reminds me of running at school in spikes and knowing your feet are nailing every strike, it’s almost floaty in a “oooooo is that what it feels like “ sort of way leading to “ how did I do that “

While I’m still broken I’m marking it down as ride one.

NP 156, Peak 20s 656, 25.2k.

It’s a week since I wrote this post and i hadn’t ridden all week due to pain which seemed to shut off my bowel. Off to hospital in a bit to see if i need another surgery inserting a titanium plate or two. I suppose when they recycle me i could come back as a styling fixie if they melt down


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