The Nameless Company

A company approached me offering support for my British Women’s Master’s Record, it’s the first and only time a company has approached me such a way. It’s no secret that Specialized have been wonderful to me and I have nothing but thanks and gratitude towards them and because of their attitude I will continue supporting them, that’s how things work and Specialized never really made any demands of me, all I had to do with the Amira was ride and enjoy.

The un-nameable company were rather lovely to speak with and I had that excited fizz of potentially the financial pressure being released. The demands where quite reasonable in the way I’d have to agree to certain things and pretty much every one of the requirements was fair with one exception which meant quite frankly I lost what could have been the only financial support on offer.

Thing is I’m a stubborn old bird and suggesting that clean up my vernacular on social media and perhaps filter the things I say. The issue is I do filter, my filter is working fine and I won’t self-censor any more than I already do, I also don’t give a shit that a parent might allow their child to read my feed, because they would rather sit their child down with the iPad-babysitter.

As a 43 year old woman I won’t be told by some snot nosed little prick, wet behind the ears, waving his new degree around that I’m not marketable in my current social media format. Just as well I don’t give a shit about my marketability and that while the project is short of cash I’m not willing to shift my vernacular.

Really I would love some help trying to get this altogether but the truth is I’m a slightly gobby, a bit sweary, quite opinionated and viciously contrarian it’s who I am. Now as a gay woman who’s been told how to be something other than I am all my life I have the strength of character to stand up to bullshit and to call it. If you are someone that thinks they might like to back this then please hit me up I can be very compliant, and I’m totally committed to smashing my goals. The only thing you need to understand is while the project is for sale and while I will jump through hoops I will NEVER change who I am at my very core, especially so if you’re rude enough to talk about like I’m not in the room.

I dare say that could have been my only shot it’s not like I have cycling companies lighting up my email.


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