Answering the drugs questions.

I do love those random interactions that the internet can throw up and some people on the web really have no life at all and spend their time trawling my social media to find the odd nugget to throw at me. Lately the question as I can make out through a wall of rather inventive insults is how can I be so anti-doping but enjoy drugs.

This isn’t me being big or clever but giving full disclosure, I suppose that it’s better putting everything out there now instead of in a reactionary way later on should the question come up after I set the British Master’s Women’s Hour.

I’ve been on drug or other since I was around 10 years old with my face in a glue bag because while I was only a child I had enough life events that left me wanting to forget the pain or perhaps that’s just adult me rationalising my inner child when really at that age I couldn’t process what was happing to me.

By the time I was 15 I was at field raves off my twat on acid with my hands in the air, five years later I was a pill head gurning my way ‘till sunrise in Ibiza feeling beautiful and loving everything. Beyond that there have been the usual suspects of recreationals, coke which I developed a £400 a week problem with, Ketamine which is just fucking nasty, why anyone does that is beyond me. GHB was always a bit of  buzz. Then there are the dirty lot, a bit of crack, a spot of opium the odd pipe of meth, my travelling lifestyle allowed me not to care.

After I binned my ride a few year ago I stopped all illegal drugs while the NHS tried to fix me. I understand that many people think that drug users are irresponsible but I never have been, I do as requested by medical professionals. I’d never been one for smoking weed and then I met a woman who could not only out club me but also gave me my first zoot.

Obviously because of the record attempt I have to quit everything, it takes 28 days for THC to clear through your system depending on your body percentage because THC loves to hang out with your body fat.

Fact is my relationship with drugs has given me some the most memorable moments of my life, my addiction would always happen and once you’ve been down that dead end road and managed to turn around and come out of the end it does change your perspective. Addiction is so insidious that you don’t see it happening and then one day your snorting coke at work just to get through the day, the joy of working in a male dominated environment is that no one was ever going to walk in and catch me mid rack.

My view on drugs is that weed should be legal and if it wasn’t for The Hour thing I would still be a cycling stonner who rode around with a couple of J’s in my drops just in case I rode past a sweet spot to have a smoke that has a wonderful view.

I know I can’t continue like that and achieve my goals and my goals are far more important to me than eating Doritos, watching Family Guy and burning through a pile of green. Thing is unlike dopers I don’t deny my past, I won’t cover it up or lie about it.

Image from Ebeneezer Goode by The Shamen


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