Bricks, planks & records

As a child I was a bit of a tomboy, that won’t surprise anyone that knows me and things really haven’t moved very far, I was looking through old photos, you know the kind that you used to take to the chemist to be developed from the 110 film taken on those shitty cube flashes that turned everything yellow. Turns out I have the same hair, I still ride a bike and I still have a crush on Jodie Foster, I swear I have a memory of her being in a kids mischief movie where she was riding round on a kids chopper in big flairs but I can’t find it on IMDB.

Those amazing childhood days where two bricks and a plank could provide endless jumping fun and for some reason there was always an abundance of both in my little pocket of childhood poverty, the bike would get taken away from me when my dad was arrested for handling stolen goods. I cried. For those months on that bike I have nothing but fun memories and when you’re tiny a four brick stack made you feel Evel Knievel, in fact in a year when a crying doll was all the rage for girl I had the Evel Knievel hand cranked bike launcher and a copy of the Guinness Book of Records.

Mr Knievel kept me entertained forever and the book was there with a little note saying I can do anything, I’d flip through it while chewing my way through a Cadbury’s selection box.

30 odd years on after years of breaking myself doing stupidly dangerous stuff I’ve finally got round to tackling a record, well I thought I would be but the costs are really mounting and given that my brain damage has reduced my work flow and the need for back surgery is killed my training I’m feeling a little glum.

I had planned to use a Specialized Shiv and then I realised that the Specialized range don’t conform to the UCI requirements and the price difference between buying an off the peg Shiv and building a ride based around the S-Works frameset which does conform are eye watering and I’m starting to understand why there isn’t a record already and while I’m still going to take time to recover from surgery which has been pushed back to the 9th December and I’m still going to train for the event I also need to figure out a way to overcome the problems.

If I can’t solve the main issues my take away from trying will be that I’m going to be fitter, with track accreditation, better handling skills all of which will make riding even more rewarding and enjoyable in the long term.

In the words of my gran, if a jobs worth doing do it right and if it’s worth doing it’s not going to be easy.


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