Doing it because it’s there and because you can.

I’m one of those people that annoyingly never stick to anything, I’ve always lived with the view that pick something, get good at it, enjoy it for what it is and then move on to do something else. I’ve loved sky diving and base jumping, the wonders of scuba diving, the joys of just deciding to go live in another country and work. Life for me is about doing stuff and feeling the world we move around in.

During my army selection decades ago I was branded a Walter Mitty character without direction, my GP called me a lone soul and then on a trip to the US 10 years ago a Native American on the Rez called me a wandering spirit. All three are correct but they all neglect to mention that when I do latch on to something I don’t mind putting myself through it to reach my goal.

My goal is the British Old Lady Hour record and I have a plan, I don’t have any fucking money but I’ll deal with that when I need to because before then I have my check list of things to do and it’s based on all the P’s. Poor preparation leads to piss poor performance, I suppose in Team Sky parlance that fan boys love, the updated version of the P’s is simply prepare to execute.

Being a realist, I know that any record I set may not last very long and that’s cool because in the back of my head I would love other women to take my hour time and then crush it, to make the old lady hour one of the most contested times, there are women in my age group who are far better than I am, Strava is flooded with them but I do wonder how many are as stubborn as I am, or afraid of failure as much as I am, or because of the three years of pain I’ve suffered can block it out for as long as I can. While physical performance is key, controlling your pain averse inner child might be a challenge for some. I’ve never had a problem getting that little girl fearful of pain to be quiet.

The costs in taking this seriously do mount up. My nutrition costs are bonkers, the osteopath, the sports therapist, the training to do the accreditation and the memberships to the things that I need to be a member of, then there’s track hire, timing hire, and then the costs of actually doing the hour which are a few grand, not to mention the bike which will have to be second had because even on ebay a SHIV prefect for the ride is £3250.

I have had some help from a few companies and thanks to professional connections after my BioRacer Areo test I’ve been invited to spend a bit of time in a low velocity wind tunnel which is most probably too early but it’s kind of bonkers to have a go.

On the 2nd of December I’m also having back surgery to remove splinters of disk floating round my sciatic nerve which causes me severe pain after my ruptured disk exploded during my most recent road crash, beyond that it’s all about recovery, re-training and using Rowe and King to push me to the point where I don’t make an unmitigated disaster of things.

In my head I’d settle for anything above 40kph which when you put it into context I think it’s realistically achievable and physically testing considering how many drugs I’ve consumed over the course of my hedonistic lifestyle. Even now writing this I’m smoking a fat joint of ami because it really does help the back nerve pain and I would rather smoke this than take codine based NHS painkillers.

My hope is that post surgery I’ll be able to hit the bottom of my pedal stroke on the right which is being carried by my left stroke, I know I’m out of balance, I know I’m neither fluid or consistence and it’s those things that will see me through. Efficiency I feel is where it’s at.

I suppose my next post on this will either be the track accreditation lessons at Lee Valley or on the recovery from having someone cut me open and dig around my spine.


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  1. SurLaJante says:

    Sounds like one hell of a challenge – even for someone without your accumulated injuries. Good luck – I’ll try (in my own feeble way) to spread the word.


    1. Eden Walker says:

      It’s the same with everything I put myself into, I really don’t mind failing but I’ll do everything I can to not let myself down. I’m depending more on my stubbornness than I am relaying on my cycling talent. I really can’t wait to pedal properly because I can’t really put much through my right side right now


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