Handsling’s and Points Races

Over the weekend I was left gasping and screaming at the telly box. My cats, Marcell Kitten and Mark Catindish running for cover in fear of their human making noises that they don’t normally hear.It was of course the fault the women’s GB track team in Glasgow and I do wonder if either Marcell or Mark would recover from the trauma.

yeah yeah yeah I know it was nice that the boys performed and it was great to see the next generation of male track stars but for me nothing could out-do Manon Lloyd and Katie Archibald’s Madison which even in typing that has given me goose bumps.

On one level I watch them jealously of their sporting prowess, I envy the opportunities that young female cyclist have these days in a way that just weren’t there 23 years ago when I was their age. I wonder if they know how inspirational their generation is? It would have been very easy to stay down after a crash that caused concussion to Manon and Katie multiple fractures in her wrist, my gasp at their crash leaving me standing in my living room staring at the telly my hands covering my mouth in worry.
They went on to win and I went from concern to screaming at the telly in delight in the same way I did when Beckham scored that goal against Greece or Gazza’s goal against Scotland, trapped somewhere between disbelief and amazement, my wine addled brain not quite understanding how that happened. My hope is that Manon is given proper time to recover from her head injury and Katie has already said she would rather be racing but will end up on the turbo trainer while her wrist heals.

The Tissot championships saw so many changes, the major one being the women’s omnium, normally Laura Kenny has that duty but after Rio and a wedding she’s taken a well-deserved break and Emily Kay was given the opportunity and she smashed it.

People talk about the strength and depth of the talent in British Cycling, and I just wanted to say how, even as middle aged woman, inspirational these young women are, I see a very bright future for womens cycling and in part it’s those young women that have inspired me to have a throw at The Old Lady British hour record, although that’s not the official name and I’m certain they will continue to inspire young women to take up cycling, to do the accreditation and to race.

I guess from a slightly broken fangirl, I’d like to thank the Team GB women for a wonderful weekend.


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