Sticking to the script

A week on from what has to be the least probing interview conducted by Andrew Marr and the press has been full of Wiggins trying to explain his use of Kenalog before major races and I have to give credit to the PR machine in trying to nudge the conversation in a different direction.

The problem with this is that either way Bradley is a liar, he either lied in his book which he didn’t write or even proof read by the look of it and he’s spoken openly about his paranoia of having to explain his actions to the finger pointers. I wouldn’t call that paranoia, I would call it guilt and if you take his comments in the context of his statements around understanding the chemical doping mentality I think Wiggins was caught out in his win at cost attitude.

As a cycling fan I’m tired of the bullshit, I can understand why Wiggins wouldn’t come out and say “ well the doctor and I sat down and we realised that with my long allergy and asthma problems we could exaggerate those a little, use a different medication and it would help more than just my health” It must suck when during your career you’ve spent your time being done over by dopers.

For me it’s a matter of integrity and having the courage to stand by your convictions. We all write our own narratives, we all have bad memories or selective memories and if you’re going to have someone else write a book on your behalf you want to have your life presented in the best light even if that means bullshitting in print.

I suppose if I was being really pernickety I would encourage you all to send your books back to the publishers for a refund after all you expected the truth and you paid for less.

Wiggins needs to come out of this clean he needs it because it would reflect badly on Team Sky, it could be really bad for Team Wiggins but personally to him it will damage his reputation and as he doesn’t give a flying fig about his integrity I can’t understand why he would be so bothered about his rep.

He knew how this situation would look and he thought he could hide behind medical privacy, even Froome knew how it would look which is why he refused TUEs because he didn’t want to be remembered as the guy that won Le Tour after taking XYZ. B-Wig would have been wise to have such foresight.

Now that Wiggins has started back on social media trying to put out positive supporting messages every time I see his tweets pop up I can’t help but think “ you lying sack of shit” who seems to fail to see the damage because he’s too focused on his own media trained survival.


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