Brailsford breaks cover.

When it was first mentioned on social media that Wiggo would sit down with Marr my heart sank a little. Andrew Marr is a political journalist and historian with an amazing broadcast and journalistic history, when it comes to those topics he really knows his onions but I doubt he would ever be able to pull a Paxman and bludgeon someone during an interview. If Marr is the polite face of BBC politics, Paxo is the enforcer, you sit down with Paxo you better have answers or you’re going to look like a dick.

In the name of balance Wiggo was given a free swing at changing the conversation but not before Newsnight aired a very well done piece by Mark Daly which is well worth a watch. It basically calls foul but also points out that Wiggins would  be the last to blame for the use of corticosteroids as between the ‘doctor’ and the needle there’s an authorisation pathway for the TUE and at any point along that path the bodies that authorise them. While the BBC have given days of airtime to the riposte pieces, Mark Daly was burried.

Although I do find it a bit shit that it’s okay for Wiggo to say Lizzie was at fault for missing her test and she has to carry that, but him getting it with a needle and then lying about it in his book to make himself look better or to hide something is everyone else’s fault.  I wonder if while he had his arse in the he chucked Dave a cheeky glance “ What about the needle policy Dave”?

Dave Brailsford broke cover and given that he’s the man that works on the information given to him across the whole engagement with the team, his answer was as you’d expect. Information in, decision out, actions taken and everything was signed off by the people that needed too and moving forward Sky would be looking at the internal systems

My main questions would be didn’t anyone ask “ is there another treatment that does the same thing that doesn’t violate our needle policy “? But hey who am I right. Moving on.

It was great to see Dave join the call for publishing TUEs which Chris Froome also spoke about not bending or abusing the TUE system  and suggesting more stringent rules/ Of course it took WADA no time at all to start poo-pooing the idea because heaven forbid they actually do anything seriously proactive to end abusing of any systems related to drug use with in any sport.




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