Controlling the Narrative

After the Fancy Bears leak and the original indignation from those that detract  from Team Sky and the fanboys things have gone a bit quiet which kind of leaves me wondering who the fuck handles their PR.

Over the course of my career I’ve been at the helm of two unmitigated disasters and during both of those situations never once did I take the chip-shop paper philosophy. This WADA leak won’t go away and Wiggo can’t hide from post ride interviews either in Abu Dhabi, the London 6 Day or Ghent, although I doubt anyone in the UK will have the balls to ask the questions we want answering.

As for Davey over at team Sky hasn’t anyone told him to get out in front of shit like this? Hasn’t anyone over their at the DeathStar Disco have the pebbles to try and control the narrative?

I’m a bit disappointed in Dave more so than I am Wiggins, we’re used to athletes running for the hills when the media gets a whiff of something and this might tarnish his career but the silence from Dave will damage the team.

For all I know right now Team Sky could be going through every piece of paper from the time the team was conceived trying to get their shit together before making a statement but they fail to see that in the silence their policy of transparency look more opaque with each passing day.

What I’m reading right now is that Wiggo’s a cheat, Dave is a liar, Team Sky are bent. The things I find odd is that there hasn’t been the same media noise over Mo Farah who is equally as much a liar about his performance but his sporting connections are quite suspect and I think some strings might have been pulled to protect him, I suspect the media might do the same with Wiggo in a way they didn’t do with Armistead.

At least Lizzie had the ovaries to get on the telly talk about her Three Missed Tests & Weak Excuses, Over which Wiggo was very pointed.

The narrative has already shifted, instead you have athletes trying to shut the conversation around by simply stating the current rules means TUE’s are cheating, which you have to agree they’re right. To me that’s like say Apple and their creative tax management is OK, it might be legal but it’s morally wrong.

Millar has stated that the drugs should be banned and I have to agree with that but I also think that there could be a great swathe of other drugs that could be removed from the TUE approval list.

Ultimately I doubt anything will change with regards to TUE’s in any quick timeframe, I doubt Team Sky or Dave will say anything significant, Wiggo won’t give any interviews and he can retire under his cloud which will hang over him and team Team Wiggins for quite sometime.


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