Wiggo – Within the rules.

Have you seen the data leak? Personally I went looking for it and it wasn’t that tricky to find, gone are the days when you had to trawl through 4chan for hackers dropping a packet now you just need to #tag search in Twitter.

To be fair, if I was Chris Froome I’d have ran down the street naked waving a printout looking slightly demented while I was at it whooping all the way leaving the unmistakable scent of roses in my wake and in comments after the leak he doesn’t seem so bothered about it.

Wiggo however has a media issue it’s not that he’s broken rules it’s that if you want to argue the needle point he’s been caught on the hop being inaccurate with language that others will pick part while screaming liar.

I can imagine Brad being up for a bit of PED if dressed up with a TUE after all he’s on a video somewhere saying he understands the doping mentality. While to many a needle is a needle, medically and IV, a depo stick, and an injection are all different delivery methods, perhaps it would have been better if Wiggo had spent a moment to clarify but he rides a bike and isn’t a doctor and the book editor isn’t a doctor either.

Everything is so convenient when people are navel gazing and it’s simple to jump to conclusions when you bring in the doctor Geert Leinders and associate the drug triamcinolone to Lance Armstrong which he tested positive for in 1999.

I find that Wiggo had, in the 40 odd days Leinders spent with Team Sky, no contact quite fanciful which doesn’t make the situation any easier as far as speculations go. When a team makes these kinds of proclamations they aren’t saying it to the fans of the sport but those within the sport ro connected to it. These are the people that matter, prosecutions need proof and if there isn’t any just deny everything because nothing will happen.

Fans, we don’t need proof, we work on a belief system and I find Wiggo less believable than I did, is Wiggo bothered by this? I bet he’s weeping in his moped shed polishing his Lambretta drowning in a bottle of Hendricks.

I suppose the canny money moving forward would see an increase in TUEs and a move away from banned substance to those that you can use if you can find and agreeable Doctor if WADA then agree to the usage you’re in clear, within the rules and while you might get a sporting advantage it’s not a banning offence.

The thing that the Fancy Bear hacks fail to prove is illegal doping which is what the Russians where accused of and it’s a nice conversation starter but that’s all it is and some might think it’s cheating but if it’s within the rules it’s fair game.


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  1. James Taylor says:

    Leinders worked for sky for a lot more than 40 days. Try 110 and right in the middle of a couple of transformations.


    1. Eden Walker says:

      yeah there’s different numbers for he tenure if i can find a solid number i’ll change it. Thanks for your comment, they rarely happen and it’s really cool you took the time.

      Hope you had a great weekend 🙂


  2. james taylor says:

    The number of days are a little fuzzy I agree, especially as it has been played down repeatedly by Sir Dave of Brailsford. I went through all the links in cyclingnews on Leinders to arrive at the figure. Regardless I think this point alone highlights why transparency is very much needed, including power and passport data.

    I enjoyed reading the piece though, it is well written.

    Hope you had a great weekend yourself 🙂


  3. James Taylor says:

    Just thought you’d like the extra info that dan benson in his cyclingnews piece states leinders worked for sky for 110 days. Team sky unfortunately lie a hell of a lot.


    1. Eden Walker says:

      transparency isn’t what it used to be


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