Not in any particular hurry.

It’s been a week since my faceplant, my stitches around my fractured orbit rim come out in two days, the scabs have all but fallen away and the bruising faded to light yellow. The road rash to my legs has cleaned up really well, the road rash on my shoulders and back is a different matter but it’s where the most skin got lost.

I’m still suffering vertigo although the double vision has gone, the whiplash stiffness in my neck and shoulders is getting better. The good news is the things that got knocked out of my head like the pin numbers, online banking logins and other random number stuff have all come back to me. I generally hurt all over in that dull ache sort of way.

I have follow ups with the Muscioskeletal people, the traumatic brain injury clinic, my gp and I hit my liver so hard it’s gone a bit wonky and they need more test starting with the ultra sound next week.

The body bruising is painful, I hurt, I’ve always bruised really easy and parts of me are still plum purple to fading yellow, I still have the worst headaches.

I’ve not missed riding, I have worried about loss of fitness while I recover, due to the nature of the brain injury I’m following the medical advice to the letter, and seeing the full list of injuries and my wavering balance I’m taking any risks.

I’ve not even washed my bike, it’s still caked in blood. While I’m pretty certain I won’t quit I’m really not in hurry to get back out just yet.


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