I think I quit.


The swelling around my eye caused when I fractured my orbital rim and cheekbone on Tuesday when I face-planted myself into hospital with a fractured skull and some mild facial damage that needed stitching. I also have a couple of small brain bleeds that I have to get checked again.

I don’t really remember the crash, I remember guy running into the road, I was about to start a 300m downhill with lights at the bottom and my balance was off, although I wasn’t going quite 26kph, the closeness of the guy made it impossible and I flipped.

According to the police and the witnesses the guy admitted stepping out, I was conscious all the way through but I don’t remember but I’m pleased to hear I didn’t turn into a cunt.

I hurt all over, very little road rash and really the only damage to the Rapha pro-team bibs shorts was caused by the paramedics cutting them off, and my jersey but I understand why, doesn’t stop it hurting though, they weren’t ripped. The jersey was a bloody rag and all of the blood washed out of the Rapha bra. Yes I’m mostly down on Rapha because of sizing and stuff but their material technology investment is impressive.

Betsy is fine, the police returned her, some scuffed bar tap. It seems I broke her fall perfectly when I damaged both my thumbs so badly that they’ve swollen to the point I have gorilla thumbs.

I’m considering giving it up. Without blowing my own trumpet, I have a higher than average pain threshold and this isn’t my first rodeo but I am starting to wonder how far I can push my luck. I hurt all over, i have this whiplash right down in to my mid back and through both shoulder. I hurt really bad.


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  1. It will heal. Had a nasty crash myself last year. Don’t give up.


  2. Don’t give up. You will be back. Alp D’Huez, remember?


  3. Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery and don’t give up. You’ll be back on the bike and loving it again before you know it.


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