Not just being clean, but not appearing doubtful.

After my blog post on Lizzie Armitstead in which I never said she dirty I learned a lesson, never write anything about Lizzie Armitstead that’s contradictory other people’s thought process because it really does encourage people to lose their fucking minds.

Unfortunately for every pro sport person there are people like me, I know I can be crass and I’m not that tactful and I get bored sometimes writing these things so I try to keep them short but I’m going to try and give you the truth why I loathe dopers so much.

I remember Allan Wells winning the 100m, we all sat around the only TV in the house to watch the fastest men on air do what we all love, I was seven years old. In 2015 claims where made about him and steroids by the BBC, Wells denies it of course.

In 1984 I marvelled at what is now widely considered the dirties 100m in history with Carl Lewis winning, he’d then go on to fail drug tests before selection for the 1988 Olympics during which Ben Johnson took a drug fuelled shit all over the competition. Obviously I also remember the East Germans and then cycling.

All of my sporting heroes are dirty with the exception of Daley Thompson and Tessa Sanderson.

I feel sorry for this generation they really are paying for the sins recorded in sporting history, because of people like me who are just a little sick of hearing the same the media PR bullshit, we’ve gone from announcing dopers to allowing Sharapova try and explain her use of whatever it was for short term use that lasted 10 years.

It’s a simple risk vs reward. Take these drugs Vs 2 year ban. Massive contracts and wealth Vs 2 year ban. Sporting greatness against the very small chance that you’ll ever get caught when you consider the incompetence of testers, the bureaucratic response time in governing bodies acting and the slickness of sports “doctors” .

I’m so sick of doping that I don’t really think in terms of clean and dirty anymore, I see people in more terms of clean and waiting for failed test result, I am so jaded.

I genuinely believe that we have cleanest period in British sport and that’s saying something because really we don’t have a massive doping history, I don’t believe for a second that passport is worth the paper it’s printed on but that doesn’t stop me hoping for something better.

I really don’t think for one second that Lizze Armistead was avoiding all three test, I just saw the bigger implications for the wider team as seen from other teams. Whatever she’s not saying I’m cool with it, I think every reasonable person understands the needs for family privacy.

I didn’t have women cycling heroes when I was a kid and I would have loved to have had that as tween for  inspiration and that’s a big thing to carry and cycling is the most doubted sport in the world and I so want this growth in women’s cycling not to emulate the men’s doping history. It’s not enough to be clean but you also have not to appear sketchy.

When I think of young girls being inspired to take up cycling by our world class an no-doubt world beating Team GB female squad I really do get goosebumps it’s such a beautiful thing.


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