Welcome to the twilight zone.

Thursday’s ride was going to be a bit of punt, I’d finally wangled a bit of time in my diary to do a 50k effort and test my back and go somewhere different.

The ride was great, mainly flat and I found that the road around Kew Gardens is lovely to ride, you really can complain about riding on a road that old enough not to have any surface bleed and new enough to be almost pristine.

The ride should have been a little over 50k and after 44k of spinning along in a 36/15 trying to hold the power reading from my Stages and keep my cadence at 90, while my legs grumbled along the effort was quite comfy and I felt very sustainable for far longer than 50k target.

It wasn’t until I was 20 minutes from home when a taking a right hand turn onto Mercilly Road when an Ambulance tired it’s hardest to get as close to me as possible without hitting me. I Broke and tried to hlet the ambulance past but instead of going past me the driver pulled into the kerb, and I stepped off the bike onto the pavement while the chap in the green jumpsuit with the G4S logo started to verbally abuse me about not wearing a helmet and “ breaking the law”.

Standing with the bike between us I told him a helmet wasn’t a legal requirement and upon my challenge he produced his “warrant card”. Now I’ve seen a fair few warrant cards in my time, I’ve had a few run ins with the police and I have a criminal record that spans several drugs related offences, the police don’t scare me especially when they’re driving an ambulance wearing a green romper suit.

“ I don’t care mate, I ringing the real police and let’s see how they feel about your warrant card”.

I rang 101 and explained the situation the woman on the end of the line asked me to put her on speaker and she asked this chap who works for company famous for  defrauding the government out of almost £109 million and for not doing enough to keep people alive in their care.

The chap didn’t respond in any other way than to get back in his ambulance and drive off.

Later that day, I had a call from an inspector who are sending officers round today for a statement. The police have been up front in that they aren’t really too interested in aggressive, intimidating driving of the ambulance, they aren’t interested in a man verbally abusing a woman in the street, they aren’t that bothered in anything other than the warrant card because impersonating a police office is far more important than drivers killing people on the roads.


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