Back Test

With renewed confidence in my lower back and after a rest day I was feeling rather confident in my new found lower back strength around my weak point when I headed off for my morning ride yesterday.

I don’t ride up anything that I would call either steep, long if I put it in the context of trying to get up Ventoux next year. My aim for yesterday’s ride was to test my back by attacking the inclines, by forcing myself to get out of the saddle and push and then not to collapse after cresting but to sprint off for a count of ten.

The ride was great, I managed to get in and out of the saddle with minimum of fuss, the only thing that really put me in any doubt was the potential to spasm and that was just me being afraid of “what if”? Really it’s not even the pain I’m afraid of it’s the embarrassment of immediate paralysis in my legs, the helplessness and the shame of evacuating bladder as my ruptured disk slams into the nerve.  Laying on the road in my own pee like a turtle baking in the sun isn’t something that’s on my bucket list.

I hit Wandsworth ambulance depot and instead of dropping a gear and spinning out my legs I went up a gear and got up, the result of that I’d find out when I got home was missing out on QoM by three seconds. It seems a little odd calling it Queen of the Mountain because it’s hardly the same as climbing up to Lake Geneva but as a method to measure my progress it’s okay.

On my lap of Richmond Park I picked up a chap was just fine and dandy sticking on back wheel and without even so much as a good morning and I didn’t react I just stuck to what I was doing and when we got to Ham Ramp I was grinning like an idiot as I got up again trying to get up the slope as fast as I could and in the morning on that road surface you can hear the power your putting out through your tires swishing on the road surface.  The guy stuck on my wheel didn’t catch up for quite sometime and that gave me such satisfaction.

Dark Hill as always made me eat my stem a mix between pre-breakfast riding and miss management of effort left me spent and spinning, when I got home Strave told me that my heart rate maxed out at 181bmp which is kind of odd because according to that 220 less your age my max heart rate is 177bpm but even though I was knackered I still managed to ride standing but after cresting I just coasted, I could hardly breathe and while it was hard I hadn’t changed my training aims.

By the time I was home I was done in and looking forward to doing it all again this morning, unfortunately I’m in that much pain I can’t feel my feet, bend over or even get my bib shorts on. Today it seems has become another rest day.


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  1. Ben @ says:

    I love the format of this blog, beautiful to look at 🙂 Interesting reading about your recovery, keep the rants coming!


    1. Eden Walker says:

      Thanks Ben, I love a good rant and chasing my second childhood on a bike 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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