Returning to riding has been a struggle and my smashed up body hurts in various places from my legs to my lungs and everything in-between, add to this my aversion to being put back in a wheelchair by and idiot in a metal missile, mentally I was a bit like a rabbit in the headlights.

When I started the traffic and my physical limitations meant that riding on the roads was never going to be stress free and London roads are nothing like the Northeast of England country roads I grew up riding on around beautiful County Durham.

This morning something quite wonderful happened as I was heading through Wandsworth towards Putney; there’s this little incline which when I started riding used to kill me, I used to hate it, those three years of sitting on the sofa smoking weed to ease my pain and the loss of fitness frankly made me a liability on the roads.

As I try and challenge my fear of traffic I’m starting to ride later in the morning which inevitably means I’m going to hit the morning traffic and today was no exception, this morning for the first time while going up this spiteful hill my head just had a “ fuck this” moment and I kicked out of the saddle which is amazing because normally I’m afraid of the potential of my back going into spasm around my L5-S1 ruptured disk.

I had no pain, not even a twinge and by the time I’d spun through the well timed green light it wasn’t until the road had flattened out that I realised what had happened and it might just sound like a tiny thing sprinting up a 200m 2% average  but not only didn’t a care that I was surrounded by buses and vans, something at the back of my head knew I could.

People talk about looking for the positives but I don’t have to look that hard and I’m actually quite proud of that bit at the back of my head and the progress I’ve made although it didn’t stop me getting dropped by a 10 year old going up Dark Hill but I don’t mind because any man that takes his child for a pre-school morning spin should be respected and that little buggar had a cadence Chris Froome would be envious of.


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