Going Zonal.

If you look about the internet and you have an interest in cycling you’re bound, sooner or later to hear the name WATTBIKE.  If you’re not aware these static bikes they’re designed to make you suffer, you won’t enjoy using it, you’ll be in pain while you use it, and if done correctly you may need a hand getting off.

This morning I went out to quell my masochistic cycling tendency  by doing my first ever FTP test.

Functional Threshold Power or the power that you can sustain for an hour is something that I had to go through because of my investment in the Stages Power Meter, what’s the point of having a training tool like a power meter if your training zones are way off, this FTP is designed to make my future training as accurate an as rewarding as possible.

Usually I train alone, I don’t really use gyms that much because let’s face it, being in a room with high humidity, equipment  covered in bodily fluids, and other peoples germs make them the perfect environment for bugs. Today was different, today I took Yoda whos job it was to push me through the next 20 minutes.

20 minutes isn’t a long time, it’s four 5 minute sprints except these are all shoved together and you don’t back off and at the end you are rewarded with a magic number, and a body that aches top to bottom.
Having Yoda there was great, she cajoled me to keep up, she encouraged me when I started to burn and drove me through the last five minutes of agonising lower back pain. The downside to all of this effort and it’s something that I’ve always done after training at full gas, I threw up which is only something I’ve done once since returning to cycling after doing high cadence drills. I don’t mind it, but I also carry mint humbugs in my saddle pack just in case.

My magic number is 239 or 3 watts per kilo and while I’m REALLY impressed with myself and I’ve had very supportive comments and Yoda has already suggested that “ we work on it ” which right now fills me with dread while I chug on my SIS ReGo shake, which I’m sure the developers would be appalled to learn I make with full fat milk showing total disregard for the science of nutrition absorption.

I’ve never trained in a structured way like this before and it’s natural for me to be this organised but I figure that as I get older I need a new method.


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