A Few Little Changes.

I’ve had a busy ole while and I’ve not really ridden to any great length which is a shame because I’ve been back to Specialized and Murph tweaked Betsy, fettling the saddle until, due my changing physicality, the saddle was lifted a total 15mm. I have little to no deviation in my knees which I’m putting down to changing my pedals.

The rides that I have had I have no data for because the Garmin head unit reset at some point in the second ride and the first ride was supposed to be a quick test of the new Praxis Works bottom bracket so I didn’t think I’d bother which is a shame because I stayed out for a couple of hours and that annoying creak from crank area has gone and the ride feels lovely. I can also feel very proud that I did it all myself.

A word on doing it yourself,if you haven’t got the tools or access to tools, just pay for someone to do it, it will be a lot cheaper than buying the tools, but I have more than two bikes and I like taking stuff apart.

I don’t know if it’s one specific change or a few things being changed all at once but on the rides I can feel the pedals more, I don’t know if it’s a the new Sub-6 Specialized shoes which feel amazingly supportive and connecting; the Shimano pedals are wider than my old looks and the pressure is even and not in one spot. The saddle adjustment is directly responsible for the change in the bottom of my stroke which encourages more hamstring and calf engagement, then there’s the bottom branket and crank which have all added up to something wonderful.

I can’t rightly put into technical terms but perhaps the heavier weight of the new crank keeps me engaged through the pedal stroke, it’s easier to be aware of where my feet are at within the cycle.

The other benefit of having a power meter is totally mental in that I know I have a power meter and it makes me aware of when I’m backing off and I don’t mean coasting or anything but those little sneaky breaks we take when we drop off for a second or two.

Riding has become easier and I’m really looking forward to nerding out over new data, I’m also waiting to take delivery of my Elite Turbo Muin B+ smart trainer which I hope can do a pedal stroke analysis and then I might give ossy rings a go.


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