A few day’s off.

The first thing I remember taking apart was the family Ferguson Video Star, a clunky top-loading VHS video recorder, I was ten and it didn’t go too well but the man in the repair shop assured my dad he could fix it while my dad assured me I would be grounded for a fortnight.

In the spirit of my youthful exuberance and tooled up with my experience as a design engineer I thought it would be a great idea to kill two birds with one stone. I could both satisfy my inner grease monkey while performing the essential task of installing my brand spanking new Stages Power Meter with Ultegra crank.

I do have to give much love to the person on the end of the Live Chat feature on the Sigma Sport website, the advice they gave was accurate, professionally delivered and it was a fun conversation, I had a sense that the person I was talking to was more than a casual grinder.

After buying the crank I got home as fast as I could, It was a very childish feeling of waking up on your birthday. Before the front door even closed I had my jacket half off, tossing it on to the chair as I headed to the bike room.

It took ten minutes to get the Original 3 month old FSA crank off and then I realised that I’d forgotten to buy a bloody bottom bracket.

On day two I popped back to Kingston annoyed not just at myself for the forgetfulness but frustrated because I know that by the time I’d travelled to Vauxhall to catch a train I could have ridden to Kingston on my crankless bike. Getting home, I set about Betsy only to realise that Sigma had given me a 73mm bracket and not a 68mm which won’t come into stock until Monday.

It’s an annoying retail mistake and all shops make them. For me it’s not about shops making the error but how they handle the customer afterwards and Sigma got it spot on.

Of course I made good use of the time not riding by drinking gin and having a social life which will all go away again on Wednesday morning when I get back on the road again. I can’t wait to be underwhelmed by the power I don’t have in my sparrow legs


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  1. The boys (and girl) at Sigma Sport Esher HQ Customer Service are top notch! Their knowledge is total guru level and they ride 1000’s of miles every month so are total live-breathe-eat cycling nuts! Learned many a thing or two from them when I worked there.


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