Don’t tolerate bad roads.

A while ago I wrote about hitting a pot hole, ditching my ride and not being very happy about the damage so I sent a claim to the local council.

I was expecting to suffer the kind of jobs worth bureaucratic pain that only a council can inflict. I was expecting a fight with the hybid lovechild spawned by the diabolical relationship between insurer and local authority. The former, as anyone who’s ever dealt with insurers knows will always do what they can to reduce how much they pay you and I’m sure we’ve all encountered how “efficient” local authorities are while banging our heads off the brick wall.

My claim wasn’t just for the ride, it was for the clothes, shoes and additional cycling items. I explained in my claim that I wasn’t claiming personal injury because frankly cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises, a wee tad of road rash are really all part of cycling.

The day after I registered the claim the local council had filled the hole, even though it’s surrounded by many other holes, instead of filling them all they filled just the one that I hit but just seeing the speed at which the council had made the poor quality repair kept me hopeful.

This weekend, I received a letter from department I’d be speaking with asking me for my bank details and informing me that they will pay the requested claim, in full, in twenty working day at the most which would make it slightly less than two months start to finish. To me in a world of BAD service, shit customer helplines an people in call centers that only care a corporate policy not customer care or retention this was a wonderful breeze of fresh air.

Saying I’m impressed with the way Lambeth have handled this would be an understatement. Julian, the chap I was dealing with is personable, polite, professional ( sorry for the alliteration but I do like it every now and again) and he seems like the kind of chap that likes doing his job well and takes pride in it. The date of my claim was the 4th May 2016 and as you can see from the header photo, it’s not a small hole in the road.

It seems it’s easier to make an insurance claim against the local authority than it is to get them to put my wheelie bin back anywhere remotely near my house.


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