Road Trip


I’ve been planning a bit of a cycling adventure. Now I don’t even know if I can complete the ride but I think not to try and ride from Paris to Palermo would be something that I would regret for a very long time.

Being a realist my body isn’t in the best condition and I know as I stand now that the chances of me making it over to Geneva are limited but I figure I have a year to get myself into shape in the hope that from Geneva I can spin to Grenoble and then down to Vontoux, after all what’s the point of riding through France without trying to kill yourself riding up the impossible slopes that my cycling heros have all been up, although if I do it without stopping that would make the trip worth while.

From there a sunny bimble into Milan and then it’s a matter of picking a route through the Apennine range. It’s not going to be easy and I know it’s going to hurt but the more I think about it the more it would prove the point that just because your body is broken doesn’t mean you can adapt and overcome the problems.
I’m also thinking about getting a coach who might be able to suggest ways that I can work with my back problem or around it. My legs are getting better with every ride, they feel more powerful on inclines and actually when I get out of the saddle on a climb that stabbing pain shooting through my legs doesn’t feel so bad and I can maintain the cadence for a minute before the pain really kicks in.

It might not sound like much but a minute out of the saddle uphill is a minute longer than I was doing last month when even trying to get up was enough to send me into a full on spasm which if it didn’t put me off the bike was enough to reduce me to tears while I tried. My max distance is also improving because I the pain that I used to encounter at 45k has lessened with the really pain not kicking in until the mid 50s.

It is frustrating to be so physically bound but things are getting better, I am getting better and I hope that this time next year while the ride will be bloody hard and I expect to hurt I’m hoping it’s a different kind of pain.


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