NO peaking.


Last week I issued myself a new rule. No looking out of the window “just to check” before I’ve poured myself into that day’s selection of lycra left on the chair in the bedroom.

It kind of like when I was 11, I’d just started senior school and I thought I deserved a proper grown up bike, after all I was 11, that’s almost an adult. I asked mum and dad if I could have one and they said yes which was awesome, but, I had to buy it myself so that I could learn the value of money.

My parents were quite big on life lessons and while at 11 it put me in the huffy tent as an adult I appreciate that those things you want you have to work for because nothing in life comes easy or free. I went and got a paper round and every week I’d hand over the cash to my mother. I’m sure I didn’t pay for the bike in its entirety and I think it was more of an exercise in how much I wanted a racing bike, was I willing to work for it?

I hated that paper round but I got up every morning in all weathers to walk about delivering morning papers to 147 houses before I headed off to school 10 hours a week, 7 days a week for which I was paid the princely sum of £10. Sunday papers took forever and weighed a ton because of all those bloody magazines.

My rule back then when my alarm went off was to wake up and put a pair of socks on as a primer to getting dressed. My motivation is still the same as it was back then, I want to race and it doesn’t need to be against anyone, I’m perfectly happy pushing myself to better my last time until I’m in the top half the page on the Strava sections I’ve selected but there are some really amazing women ahead of me and I wonder how they’re able to do what they do.

The worst part of any ride for me is getting out of the house especially in the wonderful changeable weather we have in the UK, I allow myself to check the weather app on my phone to check the chance of rain but the first time I see the world is when I wheel Betsy out of the front door and as long as it’s not raining I go.  It’s not that I mind getting wet, I don’t, I just don’t like it at the start of a ride.


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