…..you never forget

“It’s like riding a bike, you never forget”. I’m finding that that’s not strictly true but that might depend on what you’re doing. When I’m out on Frankie I everything is copacetic, Betsy is another thing altogether .

I’ve said before how wonderful and flattering the Specialized Amira is and the confidence I have putting her through the bends although I think after this morning I may just have to buy some new tires.

It’s the simple things like pedalling and I don’t mean that boring blah blah blah about circle or squares but about power and the correct application of it. In my head I know an incline will need power because if you don’t gravity will do what gravity does and kill both my speed and rhythm.

It used to be so easy, granted I’ve never been the most successful cyclist in competitions but I don’t need competition points to motivate me to be the best I can be, just as well really because I don’t have a car and getting anywhere would be a nightmare. I’m not saying cycling used to be easy but I never had to think about gearing or actually saying “power” to myself just so my body remembers what is supposed to be doing, there’s been more than one occasion when I’ve called myself a lazy bitch before hoiking myself out of the saddle wincing a little at the brief sharp pain as I get past my backs weak spot.

I just never had to think about things, my body knew when to attack and had the ability to do it, my legs sort of new that it wasn’t all about the quads but the hams and lower leg which I can seem to get engaged fully.

When it all happens it’s  not instinctive I have to think about it, power from 12 o’clock or power from 3 o’clock? What angle do my feet need to be at for best delivery? Am I pulling back with my bottom foot, should I be, which feels better? What are my elbows doing?

Going up-hill I have to remind myself to breathe and relax and not do the turtle which ultimately leads to me collapsing over the bars.

I’m pretty certain things will come back or perhaps I’ll just learn how to use the body I have these days.



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