I hope that posts like this aren’t too frequent.

This is the second day in a row that I’ve not ridden. Since my Monday I haven’t really slept that well. Firstly being single I have the joy of having a double bed all to myself unless you count the bottom corners which is generally occupied by Koneko and Daisy, my cats.

Having a full bed is a joy, not having to share a duvet  and having the ability to starfish and wriggle about is one of the most basic pleasures, I love my bed so much that I’m generally in it for 9pm every evening.

I started to stiffen up early Monday evening with occasional stabbing pains in my right foot, then the creeping numbness  up my right leg, growing through the night while I slept into stabbing pain in my back every time I rolled over.

Tuesday was worse which I spent mainly smashed on Diazepam and Naproxen to manage the pain and muscle spasms, sleeping  through the night was broken with shooting pains every time I rolled over due to not being able to get comfy.

I’m hoping that my visit to the osteopath and to acupuncture today fix me enough that I can ride tomorrow.  The pain itself when I’m on the bike is fine, the first 15k seem to loosen the muscles, the next 30k are fun with only usual bike pains of riding at full gas, but the final 5k just hurt.

This morning, the pain in my right hip is severe and make walking tedious and if I’m honest I thought that the hip area would be the most painful because of the damage caused when I was hit by the car.

I’m sure it won’t be forever


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