Newton tells us all we need to know about equal and opposite reactions. In cycling terms I put in a lot of effort and I get a slight buzz when I better my last personal record on a given segment in Strava. After all Sunday’s were invented so that you can use the quiet roads to lay the power down and really test yourself.

Today was one of those days when the effort in wasn’t equal to performance out and Newton’s third law filled me with dissatisfaction at today’s results.

Firstly my Garmin stopped working which I didn’t notice until I got home and I lost 20k from my stats which makes me growl at my laptop.

Firstly my drills have changed, I’ve moved from high cadence 52/25 to 52/17 the reason being that my physical therapist and musculoskeletal specialist believe that this would help the muscle around my lower back improve with the aim of helping my core support around the L5/S1 and S1/S2 and while I feel like I’m powering on when I feel the pain of spinning a gear my performance was pants when I compare it the higher cadence.

There’s a fizzing excitement when I head home, cresting the final CAT 4 that has me sagging over the hoods is the point that I start wondering about my performance and I get out of the saddle and press on, today I was certain my 1km max effort time was better than the last and it wasn’t, I felt like I climbed easier and quicker and I hadn’t my legs discovered muscles that I hadn’t been using much and they hurt, my back pain was sharp every time I pushed through my right legs to the point that I first of all thought about getting off and having a bit of a break and when I’d got that chimpy thought out of my head I had a bit of a weep behind Oakley’s .

The pain started in my lower right leg at 7k with each rotation of the crank it felt like I was walking into the coffee table of being kicked in the shin forcing me to change to an easier gear and increasing my cadence for a minute or two before flipping to a smaller sprocket and sprinting out of the saddle.

Today really was painful, however, I’m sure that things will get easier, the weather was beautiful and as it turns out if I’m thinking about the physical pain in my body I’m not so worried about being hit by another car which is a bonus and actually makes the riding more enjoyable, I can only hope that one day I’m not thinking so much about the stabbing in my back, hip and lower leg AND not being frightened by traffic.


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