Cycling is fun, it’s a great way to get about town and a fixie has a certain flair that my road bike will never have. My Specialized Amira is a wonderful thing and as pretty to look at as it is beautiful to ride, but as with many things vintage has a certain style that you can’t replicate and that applies to modern carbon frames over classic tubes construction.

Riding a fixie is a different experience, while I have Betsy, the high tech Amira, riding round on a Frankie,  the bull horned cream and leather fixie I have a greater connection to process of riding and I ride both bikes very differently.

Betsy is all about how fast and how well I can perform on a bike and while in comparison to others I’m not going to claim any Strava QoM awards on Frankie it’s all about consistency, it’s about smooth pedalling when I can forget about my cadence and just feel as though I’m floating along stretching out between the Brooks leather saddle and the soft matching leather wrapped grips.

Along with many other people I use a Garmin on my road bike but Frankie doesn’t need it because riding Frankie is just for pleasure of getting from A to B without feeling the need to be wrapped in metal looking at the world through a sheet of structural safety glass. It’s not about speed, it’s about being in the world, feeling the air on your face; I don’t wear a helmet, I’m not wrapped in lycra there’s no concern about my threshold power, it’s just about riding my bicycle and not matter what you ride you will feel the benefit.


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