If I think about my crash, and I know it’s a cliché but it really did happen in slow motion. We take things for granted in some regard, I assumed that cars, while they might stick their noses out annoyingly into bike lanes most of the time they will stop. This time it not only didn’t stop  but didn’t even slow down and ploughed right into me.

I was very lucky, and I’m sure people had died for less but I gained a list of injuries from my ankle, through to my knees, my hip caught a bad knock, I fractured most of the ribs on my right side, my wrist on the left, I chipped my rotator cuff on the right shoulder, fractured my scapula, collar bones and ruptured something in my back which still causes massive nerve pain at times into both of my legs . My chin is also held on by two little bits of metal, the X-ray picture along with this post is my face, which I still can’t really feel the bottom off and I kinds of sound like I’m slurring my words sometimes. It’s amazing when I think that I wasn’t wearing a helmet and I didn’t make a strudel out of my noodle.

I spent the longest time crying and being generally miserable, frustrated and in pain. The pain was managed through a menu of painkillers all of which would cause damage from constipation to potential ulceration of the intestines, some were even addictive. After a few months I made the switch from NHS meds to smoking weed. While great for pain relief it’s done nothing for my fitness and health.



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