Some people really don’t like Strava, personally I love it, I’m even a premium member and there’s a cool little plugin call Stravistix which gives added lovely statistics. I love the numbers I love little PR icons that come up when you’ve beaten your best time along a given segment, I even have one trophy but I doubt I’ll ever get any of the Queen of the Mountain things because the women that are ahead of me the top women really are way better than I am.

That’s not to say I shouldn’t try and I do take great motivation from knowing that on a 7k stretch of road the top woman is 90 seconds faster than me and I know that speed really isn’t equal  to effort because of all the environmental factors but I can’t help but compare that way.

There’s also a fun little number called “Suffer Score” which is basically an equation that quantifies effort from things like your heart rate, power and cadence along with inclines and speed and assigns a numerical value. I love trying to get above my last score and because I try and cram max effort into my morning ride I always try to spend quarter of the time on the bike in the red.

I would like to eventually get to feeling as though I might be of club standard as far as fitness and performance goes but I think that might be a way off and I’m thing I’ll have to wait until the end of the month and see how I am, with all of the progress logged on Strava for my own enjoyment, it really is wonderful encouragement straight from my Garmin.


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