I needed to loosen the hex tensioner on my left pedal  because repeated clipping and unclipping at lights was straining my ankle; I can’t track stand, I also lack the core strength to get no handed and still pedal with this riding setup.

I’d come home after a London rush hour dash through Putney and Wandsworth  as I turned off the High Street and into a residential road I had a step out and in my blind panic of possibly hitting someone I couldn’t unclip and it’s at that moment just before I hit the road  with both feet clipped in I remembered about the tensioner.

The chap and I exchanged pleasantries as I started riding the 100 or so meters home, over which short time my ankle as badly swollen, turns out after leaving it four weeks and it not really getting any better I had it xrayed and it was fractured. But, I did rather skilfully managed not to damage Betsy.

I was told to take it easy and physical therapy started 3 days ago. I’ve been for a few rides because it’s difficult not to and it really doesn’t hurt all that much.


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