Being hit by a car isn’t recommended, waking up in a hospital bed isn’t great and giving up cycling made me cry, more than you’d expect . During my specialized administered bike fit Murph asked what I missed most; I’d never really thought about it but every now and again over the years I’d open the curtains to glorious clear blue skies with the sun just making its way over the roof line and think “wouldn’t it be great day to go for a ride”?

In my head that’s a very romantic image of spinning casually along country lanes taking in the fresh air, in reality it involves me with my ginger hair and freckles sweating a lot in the warming sun making my factor 50 useless and leaving me with sunburn and praying I have enough gears to get up the next hill.

When it’s not that, and it’s just you on the road; so quiet all you can hear is the birds and traction of your tires with every pedal stroke, when it’s easy to spin a 52×14 for mile after mile it’s great feeling and that’s what I missed, that moment you sigh while you’re riding along and notice how how beautiful things can be.



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