Riding a bicycle is something that I’ve always enjoyed; I remember my first set of wheels as being a tricycle, a red one, with a foot plate on the back, made out of steel with the pedals directly attached to the front wheel.

I should put this into context it was 1977, Siler Jubilee year for The Queen when we would have a fancy dress street party, I would dress up as a cowboy while my sister went as mice from the  Disney film The Rescuers; even then I was a tomboy.

It wasn’t long before I got an upgrade to something more conventional, although at the time I cried because to me I was moving from three wheels to four and grown up rode on two wheels, to my little maths head four wheels  are more than three, but it had a chain and proper rubber tires.

The day the stabilisers’ came off was an amazing day, I came home with from the park covered in bruises and scabs after falling off a few times and it really hurt getting cleaned up no matter how careful mum was with the antiseptic wipes but I was so smugly pleased with my two wheeled self.


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